Friday, 28 August 2015

B 'n D Accessories


Good morning everyone.

I've been very busy making accessories......blissfully busy!

First, one wonderful Tanzanian lady living in Germany *yelz! i have obodo-oyibo clients* found my Instagram page and added me on whatsapp from there. She placed orders for 5 jewelry sets from my previous designs, and she said she wanted them exactly the same way they looked in the pictures....same colors and everything. I finished making them and sent them to Germany, and i'm soo happy to say that she's received them! After that, i've been working on the orders from my clients in Nigeria.

Are you following me on IG yet? No? Beht why? My handle is @blushesanddimples ..... oya, start heading there.

So, here are my new babies.........

This is 'SISI YEMMIE' , She's made of Angels skin beads......10 layers of gorgeousness! She's even more beautiful physically. Sisi comes with earrings and a matching bracelet, and you can order her in any color you like.

'Sisi Yemmie'

Next, meet 'CHINYERE'. She's made of crystals and teardrops. You want a unique, exotic look? This babe is the one for you. She's like an egyptian collar/choker, so it's best to wear her with an 'off-shoulder' blouse. Chinyere doesn't come with a bracelet......just a simple pair of earrings. We can play with any colors you choose.

2731 2595 4885 2521 (AIRTEL)

Silver & red

Green & gold

This is 'DOYIN', she's made of fresh water pearls. For a simple yet classy look. You can wear her to the office, to church, to a wedding or any other event.......that's the beauty of Doyin. She comes with a bracelet and earrings, and it just comes in white or a very light peachy-pinky tint. You can order her in 2 layers or a single layer.


Here is 'CHISOM' . She's made of Agate beads. Isn't she just divine? Very simple and elegant. Like 'Doyin', you can wear 'Chisom' to work, church, wedding, etc. She instantly perks up your attire and adds elegance to your appearance. She comes with a set of earrings and bracelet. You can't see it in this picture, but the beads looks like miniature golf balls. Loveeeeet!  28134 94773 28327 (GLO)


'Bisi' made her official debut right here . You can wear her with high-neck tops that don't require a necklace....You can order her in any colors you like.


Y'all know 'Adesuwa'......She's become a favorite among the ladies. After 'Ugonma', na she dey reign!  If you agree, then take this 28134 51758 54283 (GLO) *huge grin*.

The 'Adesuwa' in the picture above is made of Agate beads, while the one below is made of Angel skin beads. The customized petals brooch is a total of 7, and to some people, it's considered too bulky. If you want it reduced, you can say so and it will be done. Remember that you can customize it to colors you want.


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Gentlemen reading this blog, you can order beaded jewelry for your Mums, your Wives, your Sisters, and your Girlfriends.  18078 25625 63619 (GLO)

It was supposed to be just 2 recharge cards (Airtel and glo), but for some reason, the person i sent to buy them broke the glo down into tiny bits.....i'll ensure it doesn't happen next time.


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  1. Today is my lucky day!!!
    Wozzzzaa!!!,i loaded uncle richy here for the first time!!!!....wah a miracle..lolssssss
    The beads are so on point!!
    Thanks ma'am!!!.....*blowing kisses ur way!!

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  3. You are a very talented lady, the works of your hand are beautiful. Well done dear.

  4. Hi I'm flattered that the name for this piece is the same as mine. lovely work.


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