Saturday, 29 August 2015

B 'n D Makeover | 'Pretty in Pink' ft. Onyi & Temitope

Hullo Beauties.....

So, while today's makeup training session was going on at the studio, Onyi agreed to a face-beat by me. Anyway, she didn't have a choice since she came without a model for her session. I had green and pink on my mind .....the two colors go so well together *blue and pink too!*.

I had a pink gele in the cupboard, and thankfully, 'Temitope' was still available, so we let her adorn Onyi's neck ....the two ladies looked beautiful together *Chuckles*.

Goofing mode activated

Can you tell that i took these pictures with my phone?

I actually got out my camera and charged it, went through the trouble of attaching my speedlight, took about 1,000 pictures, selected and deleted till i had about 8 left, then at the very last minute, i decided that the pictures i took with my phone would do *Just negodu this type of thing!*

And for the first time ever, i went and posted makeover pictures on Instagram first before coming to the blog. Now, that has never happened before! *see why you should follow me on Instagram if you haven't done so already?* Who knows, maybe in the future all the makeup pictures will be going straight there and never on the blog *God forbid bad thing! looooool!*.

Go and follow me there sha.........@blushesanddimples

See you tomorrow by His grace.

Oh...this is my 400th post on this blog by the way *Shokis outta the blog*

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  1. Beautiful Temitope!
    Beautiful Makeup!
    Beautiful model.
    I love the last picture.
    Following you already on IG *shines teeth*

  2. love love the look.The colours really go well together.Guess you posted on IG first cos u really loved the look and you were too excited you just had to!

    1. Wow! She looks amazing!
      Congrats on your 400th post. We love your blog.
      Some of us are not on instagram jor!

    2. @Cheechee It's a lovely look.

      @ Pink Sunset's last sentence.....WHAT??!!

  3. Nice one ma. Please what camera do u use.

    1. @Helen, I use the Canon 600D. But for these pictures, I used the Blackberry Passport.

  4. Lovely facebeat!!
    Dope gele tying
    Ogbonge bead
    Cute model
    Thumbs up mama muna!!
    Am not on instagram too oo


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