Sunday, 30 August 2015


Hello babes....

Cold sunday over's quite nice.

Ok, so this is an introduction to a wonderful new product i received last's called 'The perfume oil'.  When i got it, i wasn't sure what to make of it at first because it's in oil form and i've never used any fragrance in oil form in my life. I went ahead and used it.....and boy am i impressed!

Every single time i've worn this perfume oil, i get asked "What did you spray? It smells soooo good". I even used the 'Pink sugar' one yesterday, and up till this morning, i could smell it on me *No, i didn't shower last night 'cos it was so cold over here jooooor!*.

Since it's oil, i don't think you should spray it on your clothes, rather, massage the oil into your skin. I apply on the sides of my neck, my cleavage, my wrists, behind my ears, and the insides of my elbow.....basically my 'pulse points'. Once my skin absorbs the oil, the fragrance of the oil blossoms and everyone around me *including myself* can smell it all day.

Usually, most store-bought perfumes are mixtures of perfume oils diluted with lots and lots of alcohol *which most likely irritates the skin*. Perfume oils last longer and don't irritate the skin...rather, they are even moisturizing and are suitable for any skin type. Believe me, they are really, really nice!

I used to be a 'Spray-on fragrance' type of girl, but now, i'm totally converted biko! Hahaha!

Here's what the company says:

"Smell gorgeous at no excessive cost......if you love to smell good, this message is for you. Personally, i love to smell good, that is why we have invested time and effort on researching on quality, long lasting & smells. Why? According to survey, 75% of perfume users complained about their expensive designer perfume smells not lasting long enough. Don't we all feel the same way most times?

But not to worry, we have discovered something better. So here's introducing 'Perfume oil'. It's 100% real! No fillers or cutters oil. Top quality grade A fragrance. They are non-irritating  and easily absorbs into the skin, and a small dab goes a long way. There is no alcohol, so the scent wont be burned off by body heat. THEY LAST 6-10 TIMES LONGER THAN STORE BOUGHT FRAGRANCES (all day long!) *That's right! I testify!*.

This is what we do... we replicate your favorite designer fragrances in oil form, thus, you will still get the designer perfume you love but replaced with oil. It won't stain your clothes OR irritate your skin. One spray/ dab and you're good to go all day!!!

These Perfume Oils are produced in NEW-YORK, U.S.A.

NOTE : These oils are replicates of your favorite designer perfumes in concentrated form...hence no alcohol or harmful fillers. As such, they are not the original form of your favorite perfumes, however, they accurately replicate the scents in oil forms, and they are created by our select group of boutiques.

So, ditch the expensive perfumes that don't last all day and replace them with the long lasting perfume oil, therefore getting value for your money."


If you want a bottle or five *loooool!*, contact Tina on 08033434603 for purchases in Nigeria.

For purchases in the USA or the UK, add Bee up on BBM ....56997890

Follow on Instagram : @de_perfume_oil

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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  1. Awesome dear, very well said you hit the nail on the head. I am a user of the perfume body oil and have been using it for over one year now. I don't waste my money to buy expensive perfumes anymore when I can simply get this at a very affordable perfume oil'👍 ever I testify

  2. This by far one of the best perfume oil I have ever used. The long lasting fragrance is unique depending on ur style of scent and plus you are getting an upscale oil at a competitive price compared to other oils I have tried. The long lasting feeling plus a bang for my buck, nothing beats that. I will buy this oil again. Thx for the hook up T.

  3. It's a good alternative to the usual perfumes! Especially for those with allergies of Alcohol based fragrances! It's a great buy & it's worth every penny spent to get one ��

  4. Wooow, nice to read about these perfume oils, and thanks for the post Chinazor, i've saved Tina's number and would give her a call soon...

  5. Wow nice. Will be stopping here always. Http://

  6. This is absolutely fantastic,,,
    Am a perfume freak...
    Lovely review nwa mama!!

  7. What if i don't wanna get 5 muc wil it cost to get a single bottle mama muna...

  8. This is by far the best fragrance oil on the market!!! Hands down the best!!!! Lasts all day long and even till the next day, perfect gift idea too.

  9. Replies
    1. @ Nuvi and Thelma........2,500 for the small bottles and 3,500 for the big ones.
      The men's fragrances are 3,500 to 4,000 depending on the brand.

      I think you should contact them with the details in the post....they will tell you better.

  10. Great product. It's worth the buy

  11. Great product. I'll buy again

  12. Great product. It's worth the buy

  13. Great product. It's worth the buy


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