Monday, 3 August 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW | L.A Girl Blush collection in 'Pinky', Gel liner pencil in 'Mermaid Blue', & Makeup setting spray.


Good evening...

I was sent these products to use and review a few weeks ago, but i had to use them for a while in order to give a honest review, so that you would know exactly what to expect if you buy them.

All three products are by L.A Girl, and they are the Makeup setting spray, the gel liner in 'Mermaid Blue' & the Blush collection in 'Pinky'.

It comes in a flat and long case which has a magnetic flap. It looks like the 'Naked' palette. I like it.

A close look at the contents 

The 'Pinky' collection contains 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, and one highlighter. The blushes are a light pink and a slightly darker pink, and they are buth pigmented, but not overly so.....however, they are quite buildable as in you can apply layer upon layer to increase the color pay-off/intensity.

These are the swatches of the products. The highlighter is also very shiny and pigmented as a good highlighter should be, however, i have a problem with the bronzer.....correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't bronzers supposed to have a glow? As in a shimmery glow? This bronzer here is just matte, and i don't know why.

In conclusion, the L.A Girl blush collection in 'Pinky' is a good buy *that is if you don't mind the matte bronzer*.

Next, we have the L.A Girl makeup setting spray. Prior to this bottle that was sent to me, i've never owned a makeup setting spray because i felt that there was no need for me to buy one. I always manage to pull off a matte look by myself *without a setting spray*, and my makeup always lasts on my face. Infact, after long hours, my makeup has this tendency to look just the way it did after i just applied i was like "No need to get one".

So, seeing that i've never owned or used one, i have nothing to compare this one to.... i have no idea if it's perfect or not, however, i know that i loved the way it felt against my skin when i sprayed it on my face after applying my makeup, and i like the fact that it evaporates quickly, leaving you with a nice matte face. It smells like rose-water, and the nozzle sprays well. You have to close your eyes *of course* , hold the bottle about 12" away from your face and spray. It sets your makeup and holds everything in place, giving you a matte finish.

After i sprayed it

After it evaporated
 Finally, here is the L.A Girl gel liner in 'Mermaid blue'. Errrrrrr....i don't really like this pencil because i don't like any eye or lip liner that has shimmer in it. This one has shimmer, and it glides on really smoothly as you apply it. It is also waterproof and dries really fast. It didn't apply well in my water line, but it applied perfectly well on my eyelids as a winged eyeliner.

pretty swatch
Alright babes.......that's pretty much it.

You can purchase the products online from

Have a good night...


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  1. Good review, thanks for being sincere about the products.

  2. The place was very elegant and they seemed to have plenty of service staff on hand to help guests. The waiters at event locations were extremely responsive and even folded our napkins for us if we left the table.

  3. I've kinda had my eyes on the matte setting spray. I think there's a dewy one too. Wld purchase then since u say it gives a matte finish.

  4. Nice one.Thank you .please whar camera do you use.


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