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PRODUCT REVIEW | Makari De Suisse Makeup products (Pt 1)

Well, hello again!

I promised to review the Makari products i showed you all here. There were a lot of products to review, so for that reason, i'll break the review into two parts. In this part, i'll be reviewing the Foundations, Compact powder, Lip liners & Makeup remover.


The Makari foundation comes in 30ml bottles , and the product is pumped out from a small nozzle. The foundation is nicely perfumed unlike most foundations which simply have a basic chemical smell. The packaging is really nice, and the product has 4 shades 'TOUCAN',  'TOPI' ,  'WALABI & 'WATUSSI'. 'Topi' being the lightest shade of the lot, and 'Watussi' the darkest shade.

I really like their names and how they sound African.

The product has a thick consistency, and it's water-based. If you don't use it for a long time, the product in the pump gets congealed and then when you try to pump it out, it doesn't come out so easily. When it does come out, the first product you get is dry and thick *as it is with concealers and foundations in tubes and pump dispensers*.......then the rest comes out nicely creamy.

Sometimes it's hard to get the product out of this pump, and you have to pump for a while before it eventually comes out. I wish it had a different dispenser.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT : 'Toucan', 'Topi', 'Watussi' & 'Walabi'
When contouring on the Makari foundation, it's best not to dampen your beauty blender before blending out your contouring & highlighting products on the face. If you dampen it, most of the foundation comes right off the face because the product is water-based. In my opinion, it's better to blend out your contour and highlight products using a dry beauty blender sponge or just apply the foundation first, set it with the Makari powder, then use powder contour and highlight over the powder *did you get that?*.

The Makari foundation is a nice product, but you have to get the hang of it, because it doesn't feel and apply the way most foundations do.


I got the Compact powder in 'Antilope' and 'Miel Sauvage'. However, there is the 'Djembe' shade and the 'Oasis' shade.

The powder is fine, soft and applies smoothly. I really like it. It is not cakey, and it's also buildable.

The packaging is white and gold. To open it, you push the little gold button in front, and the lid opens. There's a small white puff for applying the powder, and the puff sits on a transparent plastic lid which separates it from the powder. Inside the lid, there's a mirror for on-the-go application.

The Makari compact powder, smells just like extra perfumes.


The Makari lipliner pencils i received are the 'Sienna', Carmina', 'Pagoda red' & 'Fushia' shades. The 'Sienna' shade is a brown color. The 'Carmina' shade is a light-brown/peach color. The 'Pagoda red' shade is a red color, and the 'Fushia' shade is a purple color.

The pencils have a matte texture. They are well pigmented, and if your lips are not moisturized, then they might drag on the lips while you apply.

LEFT TO RIGHT : 'Carmina' , 'Fushia' , 'Sienna' & 'Pagoda red'.


The Makari makeup remover is a creamy, water-based product. This is quite new to me because i'm used to oil-based makeup removers that just slide the makeup off your face. So because i was so used to those kind of products, the very first time i used the  creamy Makari makeup remover, i just didn't understand it *Looool!*. But by my second usage, i could understand it better.

Because it's water-based, it won't work well with oil-based makeup. It's just like lotion, so you use it by applying a generous amount on your face and rubbing it in circles to melt the makeup, then wipe off with a face-cloth. You might have to do this twice or thrice. After wiping off the makeup and your face and the face-cloth is clean, the Makari makeup remover leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturized and very nicely perfumed.

The packaging is really cool

So that's the review of some of the Makari products. In the part 2 of this post, i'll be reviewing the Eyeliners, the Wet & dry compact powder and the lipstick. Please stay tuned to this blog..

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  1. A round of applause to you,i enjoyed the reviews.

  2. Beautiful! The foundation has such a beautiful color to it. Might have to give this brand a shot!

  3. Sound really good. Their packaging is very nice. Where can we buy it and how much?

    1. I'll let you know in the part 2 of the review dear.

  4. I've been waiting for this review. I know their skincare products and they are very good and expensive. I didn't know they now produce makeup.I have been waiting to know if the makeup is any good. Very good review! You never disappoint.

  5. Thanks for this awesome reviews
    It's great to know our products are applauded and recognised out of the multitudes!
    You have a fan here!


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