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The 'Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference 2015'

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Do you remember the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference which was held in Lagos, Nigeria at Eko hotels last year? It's here again! Guess who has been made one of the official bloggers of the event again? *cheeky grin*


If you don't remember last year's edition, i'll refresh your memory in a bit. I remember that before the event, i constantly brought you information about the event like what to expect, who to see, and the speakers who would be there and all. And after the event, i tormented those of you who didn't attend with pictures from the fabulous event. If you still don't remember, then click HEREHERE & HERE.......Now you remember.

We all know that last year's edition was a raving success.....well, this year's edition has been promised to be bigger and better, so if you missed last year's, better try to not miss this one.

So, it's going to happen from the 7th-9th of October 2015, and the venue remains the same ,,,,, Eko Convention Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conferences provides a mix of business networking and trade opportunities along with high quality workshops to showcase the latest techniques in the field of makeup, hair and skin.

500plus free-to-attend conferences
100plus exhibitors
17 exhibiting countries
30 plus local and international speakers
84 hours of educational and hands-on sessions.

Register HERE to attend the exhibition/conference for FREE. You would get to access new suppliers, products and expert advice from some of the biggest international and local names in the industry, as well as:

NETWORK and knowledge share with industry experts.

ACCELERATE the success of your business at business strategy workshops.

SOURCE globally recognized brands and products from more than 100 international suppliers.

ATTEND live skincare, makeup and hair demos.

LEARN from more than 30 international speakers at the free-to-attend conference.

WIN prizes at onsite competitions, and much more.

If you aren't based in Lagos, i'll advise you to plan to attend this exhibition/conference. October is still weeks away, so you can start making your plans and arrangements so that you won't miss this one, and if you are based in Lagos, it would be a shame to not attend.

In case you missed the registration link up there, here is another one.....please click HERE to register.

As usual, i would be bringing you updates and information about what to expect at the event, and who the panel of experts are. Just stay tuned to this blog alright?

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