Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Back to school!

Hello babes.....

Shit just got real!

Of course i knew they would eventually go back to school, I have been looking forward to the peace and quiet i would enjoy while they are all away at school, but honestly, i wasn't really looking forward to the stress involved in the school runs.....and it's more difficult this time 'cos i have to drive to 2 different schools at 3 different times (It's same school, but 2 different locations) *naaaah, i don't do school bus, no matter how busy i am, i would rather drive my kids to and fro school by myself.....thank you vewy mulsh!*.

They were watching cartoons 

Another reason why i wasn't looking forward to school resumption is that Zuriel was starting school too. Her first day away from me and away from home. She's one year and 5 months old *this baby i gave birth to yesterday ooo!* Where did all the time go? My baby is all grown up and off to school. I was worried 'cos i thought she would cry and then i would have to join her and cry too *lool!*, but the proprietress had already promised me that if i cried, she would take a video of me and send to the school's whatsapp group for other parents to see *Lmao!*.

With her bum-shorts

So we got there, and my baby shocked us all and did not cry, in fact, they said she went upstairs to her class and started playing. I hope she'll shock us like that again tomorrow.

Mish on the other hand entered the car and announced with a look of alarm on her face :

"Mummy, everybody in my class does not have teeth again!".

And i was driving that time, it's only the grace of God that helped me not to lose control of the steering wheel in my fit of laughter. The look on her face at that time.....priceless! Meanwhile, she's missing two of her lower teeth oooo! *'lil miss pot*.

Dindu was cool as a cucumber. When i picked him up, he wasn't eager to tell me how his first day in Year 1 (Pry 1), went, rather, he was preoccupied with asking me questions about his baby sister and her first day at school;

DINDU : Mummy, where is Zuriel?

ME :She's at home.

DINDU : Did she cry in school?

ME : No, she didn't.

DINDU : Did she eat her food?

ME : Yes, she did.

DINDU : So, who fed her?

ME : Her care-giver.

That's my Dindu!

I pray for a wonderful school session for all our children, i pray they all excel in their academics and put lasting smiles on our faces. May God bless and be with them all!

Have a good night...


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  1. Wow! Zuriel?! One n half years already??????? time is definitely flying! Beautiful kids you have.

  2. Awwww, i just love her cool and caring Dindu is
    Lovely kiddos

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  4. Aawwwwwwwww,ΐ love reading abt ur kids,they're so funny!!

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  6. Awww. Lovely kids. God bless them. There names are so cool, Dindu is Chimdindu right? The other two sound Greek. Please what are their meanings?

  7. She'll video and send to the school whatapp page? Lol. You should have cried please. I love your baby's name(Zuriel).


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