Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Birthday giveaway winners

Hello babes!

Thank you for your well wishes yesterday...i'm truly grateful.

Without further ado, let's get to the announcement of yesterday's giveaway winners *even though you all must have counted by now and figured the winners out by yourselves....loool!*.

Some people misunderstood the instructions for participation and dropped their comments and email addresses on my Instagram page.......All giveaways are usually held on the blog *sowwy!*.

If you noticed, there were 3 double comments which were reduced to single comments by the deletion of one of them each.

So, the winning comments are the 1st, 8th, 18th and 28th comments right?

Ok then, let's get counting!

The 1st comment was made by So, Bimbo gets a goody-bag containing the items below...

Congratulations Bimbo!

The 8th comment was made by Dada Yemisi, and she gets a goody-bag containing the items below....

Congrats Yemisi!

The 18th comment was made by, and she gets a goody bag with the items below...

Congrats Adel!

Finally, the 28th comment was made by She gets the very gorgeous 'CHISOM' necklace set.

Congrats Calabar gal!

So that's it!

The winners will be contacted shortly via email with the details of how to claim your prizes. Thanks so much everyone for participating and for reading my blog. You are all whole-heartedly appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. *Sobs*
    I had plans for my necklace!

  2. wow, how did those goody bags pass me by

  3. The winner with the email address should please send me her correct email address. The one you included is not correct, each time I mail you, it bounces back.
    Also, if you included your name like the instructions stated, I would have a means of identifying you. Please send me your correct email on

  4. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy...dancing first time winning a giveaway

  5. Oh wow!! I cant believe Chisom is all mine. Thank you Chinazor! Happy Birthday!! *dancing etighi* :)

    1. Thank you Chinazor! I received 'Chisom' yesterday! God bless u plenty plenty m increase d works of ur hands!

    2. Amen dear!
      Thanks for reading my blog.

    3. Amen dear!
      Thanks for reading my blog.

  6. Congrats to the winners.


  7. chaiii, I didn't win o o o...

    Yemisi, I love that maybelline mascara, please bring it for me on Sunday... *big grin*

  8. #vexingMode#
    I cant believe my ears that i missed this giveaways...not fair mama mish

  9. Ouch! Why didn't I know about this blog then, me wey like awoof pass food. No wahala I don come now. Nice one dear.


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