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PRODUCT REVIEW | Makari De Suisse Makeup products (Pt 2)

Howdy do?

So here's the part 2 of the Makari review i posted HERE last Friday. Previously, i did a brand introduction HERE *click on the links to read if you missed them.*.

In this second part, i'll be reviewing the 2-in-1 (Wet & dry) compact powder, the eye-liner pencils and the lipstick.

Let's get to it, shall we?


2-in-1 compact (Wet & dry) powders are usually applied either wet or dry. You can apply it wet for full coverage or dry for sheer coverage. The Makari wet & dry compact powder is fine and smooth, comes in a white and gold compact package which can very easily fit into your purse. It has a long mirror underneath the lid for on-the-go application.

I got the shades in 'IMPALA' and 'GERBOISE'.


Now, the Eye-liner pencils.....

I got the 'Dark prune', 'Ocean', 'Khol black', and 'Avocado' shades. The 'Dark prune' is a dark purple color, 'Avocado' is a shimmery green color and it's very sheer....i don't like it very much. 'Ocean' is a light blue shade, it's not as shimmery as 'Avocado' though. 'Khol black' is a black shimmer.

Personally, i don't like to use shimmery pencils to line the water-lines or the lower lash line. For me, it has to be matte and creamy. The Makari eye-liner pencils are dry, but they swatch easily on the hand....however, applying them on the waterline is another matter entirely.... you have to swipe it over and over before it shows up. They show up on the lashline though.

LEFT TO RIGHT : 'Dark prune', 'Avocado', 'Ocean' & 'Black khol'


Finally, the lipstick.

Makari has one shade of lipstick......Black . Well, it's supposed to be black, but i see a very dark shade of purple.

The packaging is different from most lipsticks i've seen....I give it to Makari De Suisse, they really know how to package their products.

The lipstick has a sheer coverage when applied, but it is also buildable.

It looks black in this picture, but i know i see purple. Even when i wipe off the lipstick on my lips with baby wipes, i see purple.

Do you see the purple color?

So that's it for the Makari De Suisse Makeup products review. I'll be giving away some of the products among other goodies to you my wonderful readers in the next big giveaway coming soon *on my birthday.....8th of September*. There will be 4 winners in the giveaway, you don't want to miss this one.......stay glued to this blog and refresh as many times as you can.

You can buy Makari products online , just visit

Here are a list of prices for the products:

Makeup Remover - $11.95
Compact Powder - $12.95
Wet Dry Compact powder - $16.95
Liquid Foundation - $16.95
Eyeliner Pencils - $5.05
Lipliner Pencils - $5.05
The Lipstick - $8.95

You can purchase online, they ship international.

Have a wonderful safe.


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