Thursday, 3 September 2015

See this AH-mazing Makeup Artist!

Hey babes!

So there's this Lady i've been following for a while on Instagram. Her name is Magali Beauvue, and she's from Paris. This lady has the ability to morph into any celebrity *male or female* just by altering her facial features using highlighting & contouring.

How talented can one person be? The way she pays attention to every little detail is really something to admire.

Watch the video below to see how she transformed her face into Barack Obama's face.

Terrence Howard

Taraji P Henson

Oh...and she paints the teeth on her closed lips.


Steve Harvey

Nicky Minaj

2Pac, 50 cent, Nelly and Brandy

Can you believe it?! Such amazing talent! She achieves all this by extreme contouring and highlighting ooooo!

If you are on IG, follow her on @makeupmag to see more of her works.

Have a good night...


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  1. Creativity at its peak!!
    Am so in love with these pixxxxzzzz

  2. These makeup artist ehn..nothing amazes me anymore, this Llady wasn't even able to get their skin tone exactly, there was this guy's page I stumbled on, the replication was almost exact! Down to hair and skin colour. A Chinese guy I think

  3. Wowzeers! Make up on another level.


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