Thursday, 15 October 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW | Illusions cosmetics


I'm so sorry for not posting the review when i said i would.....the truth of the matter is that i got busy and i forgot. I remembered this afternoon on my way home from picking the kids from school. "Choyi" like Zuri would say.... that means 'Sorry' in her language.

Ok, let's do this.....

First is the Blush Perfect in 'Cherry Bomb'. This is a nicely pigmented pink blush which applies sheer and smoothly. However, it's buildable, so you can apply it till it's as intense as you would like it to be. I used this blush in my last makeover post, and i loved it.

'Cherry Bomb'

Next, we have the Eye lights which are loose shimmery eyeshadows. I was sent the 'Gun Metal' and the 'Blue Sky' shades. I used them for my last makeover post too. The eye lights also have great color pay-off , and they are smooth and blend quite well. There's nothing as annoying as an eyeshadow that is stubborn when you try to blend it. These Illusion Cosmetics eye lights blend well, so have no fear.

However, my grouch with the eye lights is that once the little containers get tossed around in your makeup purse, you have to be careful when opening them because the powder fills up the little plastic cover with holes that you see in the picture below. So if you are not careful while opening, you're going to have a major spill. That's why i prefer to use pressed eyeshadows.....i hate messy makeup purses.

'Gun Metal' on the left, 'Blue Sky' on the right

Next is the Illusions Cosmetics gel eyeliner in 'Peacock'. This one has a really nice color, and it glides on smoothly as you apply it. Like most gel eyeliners, when it dries, it doesn't budge. It just stays put till you wipe it off with oil. If you try to wash it off with water, then i wish you good luck *looool!*. I used it to line my upper lash-lines in the last makeover post.

 Ah, one of my favorite products in the lot. I love nude glosses. This one is named 'Drew', and it has gold specks/glitters in it. It applies really sheer, and if you want, you can apply two coats of it on your lips *i'm usually good with one coat though*. I like the fact that it's not overly sticky in that annoying way that some lip gosses do. 'Drew' is just right.

 And then, 'Geranium' is a long-lasting matte orange lipstick . I have a lot of orange lipsticks already, and i'll be giving this one away soon. Stay tuned for details.


Finally these are 5-pan lip palettes which i absolutely love! They are going to my private stash for my own use. The shades include 'Speak up', 'Paso doble'. 'Classic red', 'Cranberry', and 'Currant'. I used 'Currant' in the Illusions makeover i posted a couple of days ago, and it was just wonderful! I'm not a fan of lipsticks in a pan, but this one, i really love.

The palettes don't have names to tell them apart....i really wish they had..Instead, they are both called 5-pan palettes. It's just the shades in the palettes that have names.

The shades in the second palette include 'Nude', 'Bare pink', 'Peach', 'Lovely' and 'Fudge'.

The lipsticks apply well, but they have a slightly thick consistency, and they are long-lasting.

At first, i thought this was a concealer palette.

Illusions Cosmetics doesn't have a distributor in Nigeria just yet, but sometime in the near future, they will. But in the meantime, you can order their products online

Alrighty dears....That should be all.

Let's do this again tomorrow....


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