Monday, 19 October 2015

RANT | Stop the violence against Makeup Artists!!!

Hey ladies.....

Yesterday, i read a story that shocked me out of my wits on Instagram.

First of all, when i saw the picture on Yemisi's BBM, i thought that by violence, they meant the disregard and the belittling that most Makeup artists have to deal with..... I had no idea until i strolled to instagram and read the story and it chilled me to my bones.

A makeup artist went to her client's house to do her job, and she was beaten, strangled, totured and traumatized for over 1 hour, and after the harrowing experience, the client insisted that she should wash her face and proceed to still do the makeup. She begged and pleaded for her life before she was let go. Her phones were even destroyed.


What arrant nonsense is this?!

This is one of the reasons why i'm content with just running my blog, my makeup school and my jewelry business. This is one of the reasons why i no longer take bridal jobs. I know i can't stand it when i'm spoken to or treated in a belittling manner....i don't take it well at all.

It's upsetting the way that most clients treat and belittle makeup artists! You contract a makeup artist to do your makeup on your wedding day......just you and your mum, and then when she gets there, two of your aunts come up to her and insist that she does their makeup too even though it wasn't in the package both of you agreed on. She tries to explain that it wasn't in the package, and that if she has to do your aunts makeup, they will have to pay for it *as it should be*, and then you allow your mum, aunties, families and friends yell at her and talk to her anyhow because she came to deliver a service to you.

What type of nonsense behaviour is that? Then when you go out and tell your own side of the story, people who don't know the truth about what really happened will go about saying things about how 'rude and arrogant' makeup artists are.

Why should you beat up a makeup artist who came to you to provide a service? Did she come to beg you for money? Didn't she come to render a service to you in return for the amount of money you both agreed on? Why should you yell at her or talk down at her? Don't you have an 'inside voice'? Can't you voice out your complaints in a calm manner? Don't you have any decorum? I ask again...did she come to beg you to dash her money?! You yell and talk down at her, and then when she talks back, you label her 'rude and arrogant' and then you go about telling people about one 'rude' makeup artist you hired.

I remember getting to a client's place in good time, she kept me waiting for 2 hours while she was in her room doing God knows what, and then when she waltzed out of her room, i had just 15 mins to do her makeup because that was when they suddenly realized that they were running late to church and then they had the effrontery to keep snapping at me to hurry up so she could leave the house *Hello? I got here 2 hours ago!* . I swallowed all my words and did my best with the meager 15 mins that were allotted to me.

I remember a bride that wanted to book me for her wedding.....she came for her trial makeup *which i did for free back then*, then she said i had to make out time come to her place before the wedding date to know where she lived so that on the day, i would be able to locate her house easily. She also insisted that i had to send an assistant to sleep over at her house even though i would still come in the morning......what on earth for?! She wasn't even paying much! *It's those people who under-pay you that stress you the most...beads, makeup, events decor, etc*. I jejely turned down the job.... i can do very well without the money! Heck.... i've even ended up leaving my balance for a client before!

Ngozi of 'Beauty and the Beholder Makeovers' shared a story about how she was at a job, and the bride's sister almost hit her for politely asking that she should be given time to work on the bride before interference. All the members of her family including the bride were there, and no one tried to stop her! She said that the first thing she wanted to do was to pack up and walk away, but she didn't because the same clients will go and cry on social media about how one Makeup Artist like that let her down, and the whole world will cry her a river without thinking or knowing about the client's bad behaviour.

She said that another bride's mum rounded her up and walked her out of her reception and insisted that she stayed put in Ibadan and sleep in a room with their other guests because she (the bride's mum) needed to change that night since the governor was attending the wedding, and she didn't have a definite time for her change. They held on to Ngozi's money so that she couldn't leave without doing the makeup....they held her to ransom! Her driver saw her distress and wanted to defend her, but she told him to calm down. Her husband was LIVID and sent another car from Lagos with another driver to extract her from Ibadan that same day. That was how she left Ibadan, and till today, there has been no apologies from the family or the bride. She had to stop taking jobs for a while.

Why do you think you should hold your makeup artist ransom even though the time you agreed on has passed? For instance, you both agree that she gets there by 8am and finishes her job by 10am. You still have a percentage of her money, and so you decide to hold on to it because it turns out that you want to touch up your face again around 2pm, and you figured that the only way to make her stay is by holding on to her money......if that is not wickedness, what do you call it?

Believe me, some clients are NASTY! They belittle the makeup artists so much and make it seem as though they are beggars! I can't stand that, so i stopped taking bridal jobs.....i'll rather do various makeup looks for my blog and focus on my makeup school by teaching budding makeup artists how to do makeup professionally, and also teach ladies how to apply their personal makeup.

If you are guilty, please stop belittling the makeup profession .....*Yes, whether you would like to believe it or not, the art of makeup IS a full-time profession!* . It's absolutely annoying when Clients ask "Why are you charging so much? Is it not just makeup and gele?" See, if it were just 'Makeup and gele', you wouldn't have contracted a makeup artist to do it for would have done it by yourself! Makeup artists charge what they charge not because they feel like charging you what they like, but because you are paying for their products, their skills, their precious time, and of course their transport. MAKEUP IS NOT EASY! If you have problems with paying above N50,000 for bridal makeup, or above N10,000 for your personal makeup as a wedding guest, then go get personal makeup training so that you can do it by yourself anytime you need to.

Makeup artists on the other hand, please be polite and professional. NEVER exchange words with or insult a client. Always be on time. Always show up neatly dressed. No matter what happens, please keep your cool. On the other hand, if you have makeup artists working for you, teach them to be polite and professional. Ensure that they show up neat and on time......if not, your brand is at stake here, they will spoil your name!

Makeup Artists reading this..... for your safety, follow these steps:

  • Join the Makeup Artists Guild of Nigeria. They are an active and authoritative voice promoting integrity and high standards within the beauty industry. Click Here to read more about the guild.
  • Don't go to jobs alone.
  • Stop sleep-overs at client's houses.
  • Let at least 4 people know where you are with full address and contact numbers.
  • Make a call to someone in front of your client confirming that you have arrived at your location, and even reel out the address to the person on the other end of the phone line.
  • Get your balance payment before the day so that you won't be held ransom.
  • Know when to walk away.
These days, things are happening, you need to be more careful. Don't just jump at an offer and take a job. You don't know if they just want to lure you to a location for sinister purposes. Instead of just collecting a deposit and heading there on the booked date, take the precautions above.... be safe out there.

I'm going to do a follow-up post soon for makeup artists letting you know how you should package yourself and your brand.

Have a good night....

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  1. hmmm. this is serious o. never heard of this before. unfortunately, people would continue to be rude n stupid to other people. knowing when to walk away is really important

    1. Na real wa! Things are really happening out there. Please stop all violence against make up artists oh!

  2. Wow. Shocking. i hope whoever the client is, she gets sued for all she's worth. Glad the MuA made it out alive. Nail na wa

  3. This is a serious something ooo

  4. eih!!!!! i was in shock when i read this story, i'm like..... seriously? that's why i take all my balance before the day otherwise i'm not stepping a foot. God help us!

  5. #mouth wide open#
    This is shocking to say the least..

  6. The stupid client shld be arrested so that others can learn from it..I will inform my brother's wife now

  7. Hmmmmmmmm!!!
    I dnt even know where to start from.... I haven't even been in the art fr many yrs but I have seen tins in ds my small life.. is it client delaying??? An not even apologising.. d one that caused me to rant in my instagram about "brides having thir bath bfr the makeup artist arrives" after d bride had woken me up bfr 5am that I shud remember today is "environmental ooo". I rushed and got thr bfr 6.30 and madam hasnt even bathed..... smh!!!
    Or calling to change venue at d last minute.. wen u r almost at d previous venue????
    Or is it the "ahhh you must make my sisters ooo and my cousins up???
    Am so glad the MAGN is on... and I know God willing all these harsh practices would stop. .

    At the same time... may God help us all IJN. AMEN

  8. My younger sister just experienced one last week. She did the bride's makeup in Enugu for the church wedding and traveled all the way to her village for the traditional makeup only to be welcome with a very terrible attitude from the bride. Well, she walked away.....
    This is so rude! Whatever you can pay for means you are not skilled to do it so, why don't you politely treat someone who does?

    1. She walked away, lol. I'll give anything to see the bride's face at that moment. Lol

  9. This is unbelievable and unacceptable!!!!

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  11. This is a very bizarre experience to say the least. I'm sure if we all start saying our experience with some rude clients we would have a long list . It's good the guild has been formed and now it's the duty of the guild to take up actions and also spread the word through social media and all so that make up artists would be appreciated and respected in the society. Continue the good work nne more grease @ Nazor!


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  13. Wow!
    I'm in shock!
    I don't believe in disrespecting trained skilled professionals because if you could do it you won't require their services.
    Indeed violence against makeup artists and other trained skilled labour artisans should stop!

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