Wednesday, 23 December 2015

And the winner issss..............

'Ello Baes.....

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but the contestants made things difficult for me, so i got tired and confused. I just brought myself to compile the results right now, and it wasn't still as straightforward as i would have liked it to be.....i had to add a twist to would see how that happened below...

Ladies, the instructions were very clear " No multiple entries. Follow me on any of my social networks , mention the particular social network and your handle. Tell us what you love about christmas, your name and email address". ..... and i even gave an example:

"I love Christmas because it's so festive, and i get to reunite with all my cousins and family again. Giselle Ezeh. I'm following you on twitter, and my handle is @gigiez"

So why did i have to disqualify 11 entries?!! *very sad face*

Ok, i'll tell you why....

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Darling introduces a breakthrough new hairstyling app

Darling, the leading hair extensions brand in Sub-Saharan Africa, has stormed the digital space in Nigeria with the Darling Hair Booth App. The app will help women be their own stylists, transforming the way they style their hair.

Speaking about the breakthrough hairstyling app, Mr Sanjiv Jetly, Managing Director, Darling Nigeria, said : 

"We are very pleased to offer this digital innovation which strengthens our commitment to bring the latest hairstyling trends to our customers in Nigeria. The Darling brand stands for beauty, and is an enabler for every African woman to transform the way she looks. With this app, we have created an avenue through which women can express themselves in an excititng, dynamic way. Our customers can now try new and trendy hairstyles on the go!"

For more information :

Download the app here :

Facebook :

Twitter :

Instagram :

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Christmas Giveaway.....

Good morning ladies.......

"How was your night?" *Loooooooool! Why on earth do people ask that? I hate that question!*

It's that time of the year again! One lucky winner gets to win a bag of makeup goodies today! *Rings gong*.

Ok, let me get straight to the point 'cos i need to rush to the bank right now.....ATM issues. Yesterday, they debited me twice without dispensing my cash, and the transactions haven't been reversed till now *That thing can pain ehn!*.

So, the winner of this competition gets the following makeup products :

  • BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette in 'Party Girl'
  • Zaron lipstick pen in 'Maxim'
  • Zaron lip liner in 'Fussy Fusha'
  • Zaron lip liner in 'Red Vines'
  • Zaron lip liner in 'Vivid'
  • Zaron lenghtening mascara in 'Midnight Mars'
  • Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jean'
  • Zaron strip lashes
  • Tara eyebrow pencil in 'Dark brown'
  • Tara lipstick in 'Arese'

Beauty bloggers are not eligible to participate in this competition.

Now, here are the rules ........

  • You must be following me on Instagram @blushesanddimples or on twitter @blushesdimples or like my page on Facebook 'Blushes 'n Dimples Makeovers'.
  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling us WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT CHRISTMAS, your NAME and your email EMAIL ADDRESS. Also let me know which social media you are following me on......facebook, twitter or instagram and drop your handle on that social media so that i can confirm that you are actually following me.*You must not leave anyone out*. For example ...."I love Christmas because it's so festive and i get to reunite with all my cousins and family again. Giselle Ezeh. I'm following you on twitter, and my handle is @gigiez" *Very simple!*
  • If you don't follow the instructions above to the letter, your entry will be disqualified.
  • Like always, the comments would be assigned numbers, and the comment with a chosen number wins. Because 25th is Christmas day, the 25th comment will win this competition.
  • If your comment is disqualified, it wouldn't be counted, and i'll move on to the next comment. 
  • No multiple entries please....defaulters will be disqualified.

I cannot send the package outside Lagos. So, if you don't live in lagos, i'll advise you not to participate unless you have someone in lagos who can recieve your package for you and then forward it to you wherever you are. *Thank you very mulsh!*

As usual, comment moderation will be enabled to prevent contestants from targeting the winning number. The comments will be enabled overtime, and the winner will be announced once i get the 25th comment. 

Good luck everyone!

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Sunday, 6 December 2015

December! Christmas!! Hamarttan!!!

'Elloooooou'....eeeeeeees me.......

How have you been?

Have you read my feature on 'Wives Connection' blog? Click to visit the blog and read it all up.

So, few days ago, we welcomed what i consider to be the worst weather of the year *my opinion though*...oh how i detest hamarttan! My nose is dry so breathing is kinda painful, my lips frequently get dry despite constant moisturizing, and my eyes sting because of the harsh wind.

To make matters worse, my house is situated on the main-road so everywhere is constantly covered with dust! I clean everyday, and it doesn't matter if i clean 5 times a day...the dust still settles on all surfaces and annoys the shit out of me! I keep all doors and windows shut, and lately, i started stuffing underneath the doors with newspapers and cloth pieces...still the dust still manages to creep in and settle.

Right now, i'm battling sore-throat and all that comes with it....but on the bright side, i'm excited that it's almost Christmas! *Yippieeeee!*. Tomorrow, i would start setting up my christmas decorations and everything....put the family in that 'Christmas-ey mood'.

Oh, and of course there would be a chrismas giveaway right here! If you've been missing out on giveaways on the blog, try not to miss this one.

Alright dears, thought i should just pop in and say 'hi'.

Have a good night.....


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