Wednesday, 23 December 2015

And the winner issss..............

'Ello Baes.....

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but the contestants made things difficult for me, so i got tired and confused. I just brought myself to compile the results right now, and it wasn't still as straightforward as i would have liked it to be.....i had to add a twist to would see how that happened below...

Ladies, the instructions were very clear " No multiple entries. Follow me on any of my social networks , mention the particular social network and your handle. Tell us what you love about christmas, your name and email address". ..... and i even gave an example:

"I love Christmas because it's so festive, and i get to reunite with all my cousins and family again. Giselle Ezeh. I'm following you on twitter, and my handle is @gigiez"

So why did i have to disqualify 11 entries?!! *very sad face*

Ok, i'll tell you why....

  • Love Udukpegheme *multiple entries*
  • Love Odeyuma *Same person as Love Udukpegheme....more multiple entries*
  • Oni Dolapo *multiple entries*
  • Uloaku Nnoli *multiple entries*
  • Swtlyksugar *multiple entries*
  • Ifeoma *same person as Swtlyksugar*
  • Bee of glamlush hair *you didn't say your name.....and i mentioned that leaving any of the criterias would disqualify you.....sorry*
  • Ogbonna Elizabeth *multiple entries*
  • Damilola *multiple entries*
  • Nkechi *just like Bee, you didn't leave your name too*
  • Amara Ekwosimba *multiple entries*

11 entries!!!......that got me really upset....truly. If only you all had complied with the rules.....if only! Well, it's not my fault. Below are the list of those who had valid entries with their assigned numbers:

  • Chidinma Mbah  1
  • Okafor Rose  2
  • Mbonu Chiamaka  3
  • Mofe Shanty  4
  • Oge  5
  • Calabar Gal  6
  • Chibugo Obiefuna  7
  • Didi  8
  • Say my name Rosepowell  9
  • Peace Nwaokocha  10
  • Joy Nwaokocha  11
  • Idongesit Nsung  12
  • Duchess of Prideville  13
  • Uche Morah  14
  • Chiagozie Salami  15
  • Folashade Raji  16  *she made multiple comments but the second one was prolly a mistake 'cos she deleted it thereafter*
  • Victoria Erhahen  17 *Victoria also made an extra comment and deleted it, so the extra comment didn't count*

Alright ladies, here's where we had a little problem....remember that i said that because Christmas was on the 25th day, the 25th comment would win? Well, after i disqualified the 11 comments, the remaining valid comments were not up to 25. So what did i do?

I had to pick the winning number using a random number generator from I entered the minimum number (1) and the maximum number (17), then i clicked on generate. So here is the result below:

And so, the winner is Idongesit Nsung!!! (number 12) *Congratulations girl!!!!*. I will send you and email shortly.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Have a very wonderful christmas!


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  1. Congratulations Nsung!! I'm sure you are dancing "Godwin" right now,.... LOL!!

    1. When I saw those multiple comments, I just shook my head. Fellow Blog visitors sef na wa for una oh!! Simple instructions you cannot follow!! Maybe Chinazor will have to do a post in your native tongue next time so you can understand properly..... LOL!

  2. Congrats Idongesit. Nice one Chinazor.

  3. Nice :)
    Maria V.

  4. Congrat to the winner, didnt even know mine ended up being multiply entries, well am new to this and thought the first entry didnt enter hence the second one, not that i'm justifying or anything,jst new to this. please keep up the good work chinazor

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  6. Congrats to the winners , truth is if I had participated I would have gone anonymous because of MS,lol but would have mentioned my handle on IG so you would still know it's me.
    Happy new Year CEO blushes n Dimples.all the best.


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