Monday, 18 January 2016

B 'n D Makeover | Sunset

How are you doing? I hope everyone is good.

So i did my first Serious makeover for the year.

The truth is that this year, i resolved to wear makeup out more often than i did in 2015. In the past, i used to wear makeup just for the blog....after i'm done taking my pictures, i wash everything all off and go out with a 'naked face'. So this year, i resolved to wear light makeup each time i go out *so help me God*. Well, so far, so good.

So today, i did a look and christened it 'Sunset' because i used eyeshadow shades from the Sleek cosmetics eyeshadow palette called 'Sunset'.

In other news, my hair-line is growing! Praaaaaaaise Master Jesus! I had lost all hope, but pure coconut oil and Blue Magic Organics Castor oil did it for me. It's still a work in progress, but i'm very well-pleased.

For my eyebrows, i used a combination of Tara brow pencil in 'Dark brown' and Hegai & Esther brow gel in 'Nubia'., then i highlighted the brows using LA Girl PROconceal in 'Toffee'.
My brows need grooming.... I usually tweeze them first and trim them afterwards *by myself though*. I'll make out time sometime this week for the procedure.

On my eyelids, i used my NYX eyeshadow base in 'Skintone', then i applied a matte dark brown eyeshadow from my Morphe 35N palette in my crease.

Next, i used a bright gold shade and two copper shades from my Sleek 'Sunset' palette on my eyelids. I further used a black eyeshadow from the same 'sunset' palette to contour the outer corners of my eyes.

On my upper lash-lines, i used my Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jazz', and in my water-lines i used my Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jean'. I love those eyeliners sooooo much *I also have the shade in 'Jade*. They are very long in they stay put till you wash off your makeup. IT. DOES. NOT. BUDGE! I have begged Zaron Cosmetics on Instagram to make a white gel eyeliner for us this year and name it 'Jewel'.....let's hope they agree. If they do, then my frantic search for a long-lasting white eyeliner will finally come to an end *wipes brow*.

For my lips, i used Zaron lipliners in 'Brick chick' and 'Vivid'. Then, i filled in my lips with my Jordana lipstick in 'Coco Malt'. The combination of lip products gave me the effect i was going for.

For my base makeup, i used Black Up foundation in NFL 08.
I used LA Girl PROconceal in 'Toffee' to highlight underneath my eyes, the bridge of my nose, my forehead and chin, then i baked my highlights with Ben Nye 'Banana' powder.
I used Maybelline all-in-one powder in 'Nutmeg' all over the face.
I used my Black Radiance blush in 'Soft honey' on the apples of my cheeks.
Finally, i contoured the sides of my nose and the hollows of my cheeks with my Zaron contour palette in 'PZ15'

Oh, and i used Bee lashes in 747L......i need to get new lashes from them, they added more lashes to their collection.

Oh, i see that i have managed to list out the products i used in the post *yippieee!*. I have an idea of the next look i'll create already.

Who's watching the match?

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  1. beaurifuuuul. i love this.


  2. 'In luscious voice' You re sooo beauti

    fullll 'shake it'.

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  4. wow! I like it! your lashes are so loooong! you are a real master! have something to write? use for this purpose!

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