Saturday, 23 January 2016

BMPRO Luxury Brushes

Great news ladies.....

BM PRO is launching their new luxury brush set soon! *does a ´lil dance*

The other day, i was strolling through Instagram when i saw these yellow beauties posted on the @banksbmpro handle.....

Top to bottom : Large powder brush, large stippling brush, blusher brush, Large flat foundation brush, Medium powder brush.

Top to bottom : Face contour / Blusher brush, Medium Stippling brush, Pointed detailer for the face, Creme foundation brush.

Top to bottom : Fluffy duster, Nose contour blender, Pointed eyeshadow/ detailed applicator, fluffy eyeshadow brush

Top to bottom : Mascara wand/ Eyebrow Spoolie, Nose contour brush / Under eye detailer, Eyebrow angled brush, Eyebrow concealing brush, Lip brush.

Yellow never looked so good!!!

The bristles are made of premium goat hair, and the brushes look so soft from these pictures. I seriously can´t wait to get my hands on these babies!! I already have a favourite brush by just looking at the pictures....Do you see that Large powder brush up there? That´s the one! *loool!*

Banke says ;

"Using these gives the best results EVER! The Powder Brushhhhhh! I promise you´ll looooooove them as much as i do! They took a while to create, and i´m so excited to share them now. #TheBigLaunch #CountingDown"

The brushes will be launching soon. Well done Banke Meshida - Lawal!!

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  1. Ohhh it is really a great and happy news for us :)
    Thank you for sharing this :) Is it too much expensive ?

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  4. these brushes can be used in all occasions! thanks for good news! use custom essay for improving the level of English!

  5. Those brushes might be good. I've got one of them about a year ago and I liked it alot. Sadly, I've broken it several months ago.


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