Friday, 15 January 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Don´t look at me like that jooor! Mgbe onye ji teta ura bu ututu ya (whenever you wake up, that´s morning to you) *loooool*.

I can´t believe that my first blog post for 2016 is going up on the 15th of January.....but hey, it´s still the month of January, so there!

Photo Credit : The reporter Times

It feels soooo good to witness yet another year....all glory be to God. Not everyone who entered the year 2015 saw the end of it. I lost a little niece the day after the Presidential elections last year. My sincere condolence to everyone who lost someone in 2015.....but i am sooooo grateful to God for keeping us alive.

Where there is life, there lies hope!

With life comes yet another chance....another chance to make things right, another chance to live right, another chance to live for God, another chance to repent.

This year 2016 is ´My Year Of Answered Prayers´ . I always get a rhema each year, and the one for this year is soooo apt. It´s gotten me so excited about what this year holds for me. What´s your rhema for 2016? Please share in the comment section.

Oh and those of us that are fasting, please remember that fasting without prayers is just what..........?
Hunger strike!


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  1. Happy New Year mami..:)
    We will have so many testimonies to share

  2. I suppose, you have wonderful Christmas holidays! I wish you be lucky in the New Year! use for learning something new in 2016!


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