Monday, 29 February 2016


Hello Ladies....

Have you noticed that we now have quite a number of indigenous Nigerian makeup brands? The Nigerian makeup industry has grown so much over the years....Our makeup game is excellent, and we have various makeup brands that actually produce products with great quality! Not every time foreign brands.

One of such Indigenous brands is L.O.G Cosmetics. Their products are made of natural and safe ingredients. I was sent some sample products to use and review and they include ;

L.O.G Cosmetics Lipstick in ´Bare´
L.O.G Cosmetics Eye shadow in ´Leke´
L.O.G Cosmetics Cream foundation in ´Arewa´
L.O.G Cosmetics HD Powder foundation in ´Semira´
L.O.G Cosmetics photo ready Mineral veil

Friday, 26 February 2016


Hey! It´s been a minute.....

Ok Ladies, i´m about to do something here that i´ve never done before.....

This is a very unusual, ´Spur-of-the-moment´ giveaway.

I´m not a ´heels´ person.....i´ll rather wear flats. I actually have normal heels, but they are not this high. *loooool!* . I love these shoes very very much, but i can´t wear them because one of them is too big for my feet, and the other two twisted, sprained and nearly broke my ankles!

Anyway, I almost gave these beautiful shoes away on SDK, but on second thought, i was like;

 "Wollup wollup! I have my very own blog readers who might be very interested in these shoes!"

So, here we are.

SIZE : Eur 42 , UK 8.
I never wore this one at´s too big for my feet, and it´s sooo pretty!

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Hey Darls!

I´m kinda having a moody sunday. It all started this early morning after i read a heart-breaking story on SDK´s blog......after that, i went a-ranting on my BBM status update. Since that time, i´ve been in my room like...............

I should do a post later on about it.

Anyway,  i promised a pictorial of the 'Laura' look, so lets go there....

Brows are done
FYI, i don´t use concealer above my brows anymore.... i just clean out under my brows and i´m done.

Friday, 19 February 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Zaron Face Definer Palette

Howdy Ladies.....

So Mz Lifewire asked me on the ´Baking Post´ if she could use the Zaron face definer palette. I deliberately didn´t reply her right there because a review of the product was already brewing.

Before i got this palette, i was already using the Sleek contour kit in ´Dark´, and it was serving me well, but i always had to share it with my students *wipes brow*. And so i decided to get my personal contour kit.....a different brand this time. That´s how i bought the Zaron Face Definer palette.

I have used this kit for a while now, and i have to let you all know that this product is really really nice. Zaron did good with this one.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

B 'n D Makeover |´ Laura´

Hiya Beauties........

When i was a little girl, My mum bought my sister and i two beautiful dolls on one of her trips to the U.S. I named my doll ´Laura´and i had great fun with her sometimes........I said sometimes because we were only allowed to play with the dolls once in a while or when we were really good.

Back then, i used to wonder why our dolls were being hoarded.....i mean, "Can´t someone play with her dolly again?". It made no sense to me!

So Laura inspired this look because she had pink eye-shadows and nude lips.

If you would like to know how i achieved this look, please stay tuned to the blog, i´ll post the pictorial of this tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

SHOW 'n TELL | Bee Lashes

Hey beauties!

I´m on fire this week abi? *cheeky grin*

So 3 days before valentine,  a pretty little red and white´valentine-themed´bag with hearts all over it was delivered to my house.. I opened the bag and beheld 6 packs of Bee Lashes!

*Whoop-whoop! Does a makarina dance*

Not too long ago, i mentioned that they added new designs to their collection, and that i needed to get some more......and then they went and sent me six of ´em!

The last time they sent me lashes, i reviewed them here . Since that time, i mostly buy and use Bee Lashes.

Monday, 15 February 2016

PICTORIAL | Let's Bake!

Hello babes....

Tonight, we are 'gonna wanna' bake!

As some of you might already know, baking is 'in' right now. Every Makeup Artist who knows her *or his* onions 'bakes' faces. Your makeover isn't complete without highlighting, contouring and baking.

Some seasoned makeup artists 'up there' takes it upon themselves to invent new makeup procedures and names.....setting the entire beauty world agog *because no one wants to be left behind*. So everyone has to strive to keep up with the trends and jump on the moving train.

When i did the 'Sunset' look, some of you on my BBM saw pictures of my baking process on my DP and requested a pictorial, and today, i decided to do it.

Baking is quite easy to do..... It basically means setting your highlighted areas with a GENEROUS amount of your preferred setting powder and leaving it on for about 2 minutes, after which you dust off the excess powder leaving your highlighted areas perfectly set.

It's a lot of pictures...but it's totally worth scrolling through....

So, let's go there!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick in ´Salem´.

It´s another Valentines day.

Am i the only one who doesn´t make a big deal out of February 14th? It´s just like a normal day to me biko. Why do i have to set apart one special day to show love to my partner when i show love every other day?

To me, this day would have more value if it was solely dedicated to showing love to those who don´t have love in their lives.

But that is not why we are here........

I mentioned yesterday that i realized lately that i´ve been slacking in my blog duties. I´m supposed to bring you beauty news, let you know what is trending in the makeup world, review new products and let you know if they are worth buying and all etc. But that hasn´t been happening.... so i decided to start doing the needful.

If you have noticed lately, liquid lipsticks have been the ish. I did a post here about them in October last year. There are gorgeous colors which are different from the, grey, green, brown, purple, lilac, etc.

I decided to start with the ´Lime Crime Velvetines´ brand. My favourite of the lot is the ´Salem´ shade, and that is what i bought.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

B 'n D Makeover | 'Salem'


Remember how i mentioned in my last makeover post that i needed to get me some more Bee Lashes ´cos they added new lashes to their collection? Get this.....I was sent some new Bee Lashes on Thursday! *yippieeee! Valentine came early*. So i just couldn´t resist using one of them to create a look yesterday *they all looked so good*. I would be doing a ´Show ´n Tell´post about them soon, so stay glued to this blog.

Yes, i created this look yesterday, but i was too tired to post it on the blog.....However, if you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen some of these pictures which i already posted there.

Of all the looks i´ve ever done, this look is officially my favourite look. As innnnnnn!!!! I couldn´t bring myself to wash it off! These pictures don´t even do the look need to have seen me live *chuckles*. I kept shuttling in and out of the bathroom. Hubby was like "What is doing you na? Gaaan wash off the colour". *Color indeed! Men are so ignorant about makeup, it´s hilarious*.

I christened the look ´Salem´´s named after the liquid lipstick i´m wearing.  I finally got one of ´em LimeCrime babies! I know i´ve been slacking in my blog duties lately, but all that is going to change. I´ll be reviewing those trending products which i´ve been trying so hard to ignore for the longest time now. You know.....´Colorpop´, ´Colored Raine´, ´Lime Crime´, ´Anastasia Beverly Hills´, and the rest of them.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW / Oriflame Cosmetics (Lipstick, Eyeliner stylo & Cream Eyeshadow)

How´s your day been?

I was sent some makeup products from Oriflame Cosmetics, and i was able to use them to create a look today. I will not post pictures of the look i created here because it was one of my ´Bad makeup days´ *yes, i actually have one of those*. One naughty friend of mine saw me and said it looked like makeup from 1976 *side eyes Uju and her long mouth*.

So, i was sent The One Color Impact Cream Eyeshadow in ´Olive green´, The One Color Unlimited Lipstick in ´Always Cranberry´ , and The One Eyeliner Stylo in ´Black´.

Let´s keep the review short ´n Sweet * at least, i´ll try*......

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Interns needed at Blushes ´n Dimples accessories


I just got back from the Makeup & Beauty Connect series. It was a nice event and a lot of makeup and beauty professionals were in attendance. It wasn´t just held in was held in over 16 states!! If you didn´t attend this one, please attend the next one. I´ll keep you all posted. I didn´t take any good pictures because i didn´t go with my camera. You can search #MbcsLagos on Instagram to see pictures taken by other people.

In other news.................

Do you have a flair for arts and crafts?

Then perhaps you would be interested in an internship program at Blushes ´n Dimples Accessories....*Don´t worry, you are not paying a dime*.

Participants would be taught how to make trending beaded accessories free of charge.

Participants MUST reside in Lagos.

Participants MUST be passionate about art.

Participants should be between the ages of 17-27.

If you are interested, please add and send me a message on 2BF11DF0, or whatsapp 08062511430 or send an email to for more information on how the internship program will work.......and if you qualify, we start immediately........Just 2 interns are needed.

Terms and Conditions apply.


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Saturday, 6 February 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | BlackUp Mattifying Fluid Foundation

Hello babes.....

This post was supposed to go up early this morning, but how i managed to push it till this time... only God 'nose'.

So how have you all been? Great i hope.

I've been thinking about changing the 'Look' of my blog. I'm someone who is very set in her ways and i resist change a lot *looool!* . I really love the warm look my blog already has, but i've been thinking that it's time i gave the blog a new look.....i mean after over 1.2 million page views, it's very well-deserved!

So do you think i should change it or not? Please let me know in the comment section below.

Now, on to the business of the day......


Early this year, i went out and got myself new makeup products. You all know that i'm sooooo used to my MaryKay foundation....I've used it in practically every look and pictorial i've done on this blog.....infact, it's the only foundation i've ever used. People underrate Marykay foundations a lot *perhaps because it's not expensive*, but you better believe that it's one of the best foundations out there!