Thursday, 18 February 2016

B 'n D Makeover |´ Laura´

Hiya Beauties........

When i was a little girl, My mum bought my sister and i two beautiful dolls on one of her trips to the U.S. I named my doll ´Laura´and i had great fun with her sometimes........I said sometimes because we were only allowed to play with the dolls once in a while or when we were really good.

Back then, i used to wonder why our dolls were being hoarded.....i mean, "Can´t someone play with her dolly again?". It made no sense to me!

So Laura inspired this look because she had pink eye-shadows and nude lips.

If you would like to know how i achieved this look, please stay tuned to the blog, i´ll post the pictorial of this tomorrow.

Oh, and by the way i still have Laura. Turns out that my mum´s hoarding of the dolls paid off eventually, because if she hadn´t restricted play-time with them, they would have been long destroyed.  My daughters play with her sometimes when they are good *well, just Mish.........Zuriel is terrified of dolls right now*.



Tara brow pencil in ´Dark Brown´
LA Girl Pro Conceal in ´Toffee´


BlackUp mattifying liquid foundation in ´08´
LA Girl Pro Conceal in ´Toffee´ for highlighting underneath my eyes.
Sacha Buttercup setting powder for setting and baking my highlights.
Mabelline all-in-one powder in ´Nutmeg´for setting my foundation
Zaron Face definer palette in ´PZ15´for contouring and bronzing the face.
Black radiance blush in ´Soft Honey´


NYX eye shadow base in ´Skin tone´
A dark pink blush from the Sleek blush palette in ´Pink Sprint´ in my crease and on the outer corners of my eyes.
Too Faced shadow insurance glitter glue.
An NYX pink glitter on my eyelids.
Zaron gel eyeliner in ´Jazz´ on my upper and lower lash lines.
NYX jumbo pencil in ´Milk´ in my water lines.
Bee lashes in #1


Zaron lip liner in ´Cappucino´
Jordana lipstick in ´Coco malt´
A clear lip gloss.

Hope you like the look.....


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  1. Yesss!! I love the look. Very dolly with the eyeliner 😍

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  3. You are really good at what you do,oga na master. Keep it up .


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