Saturday, 13 February 2016

B 'n D Makeover | 'Salem'


Remember how i mentioned in my last makeover post that i needed to get me some more Bee Lashes ´cos they added new lashes to their collection? Get this.....I was sent some new Bee Lashes on Thursday! *yippieeee! Valentine came early*. So i just couldn´t resist using one of them to create a look yesterday *they all looked so good*. I would be doing a ´Show ´n Tell´post about them soon, so stay glued to this blog.

Yes, i created this look yesterday, but i was too tired to post it on the blog.....However, if you are following me on Instagram, you would have seen some of these pictures which i already posted there.

Of all the looks i´ve ever done, this look is officially my favourite look. As innnnnnn!!!! I couldn´t bring myself to wash it off! These pictures don´t even do the look need to have seen me live *chuckles*. I kept shuttling in and out of the bathroom. Hubby was like "What is doing you na? Gaaan wash off the colour". *Color indeed! Men are so ignorant about makeup, it´s hilarious*.

I christened the look ´Salem´´s named after the liquid lipstick i´m wearing.  I finally got one of ´em LimeCrime babies! I know i´ve been slacking in my blog duties lately, but all that is going to change. I´ll be reviewing those trending products which i´ve been trying so hard to ignore for the longest time now. You know.....´Colorpop´, ´Colored Raine´, ´Lime Crime´, ´Anastasia Beverly Hills´, and the rest of them.

Believe me when i say that this is not what i originally intended this makeover to look like...i had an entirely different picture in my minds eye *am i the only one this happens to?*.

The sun is indeed the best filter.

I did not edit these pictures....all i did was darken the corners like i always do. I look soooo brown *looooool*.



Tara Brow pencil in ´Dark Brown´
L.A Girl Pro Conceal in ´Toffee´


BlackUp foundation in ´08´, for full face coverage.
L.A Girl Pro Conceal in ´Toffee´ for highlighting underneath my eyes and bridge of my nose.
Zaron contour palette in ´PZ15´ for contouring the sides of my nose and the hollows of my cheeks.
Ben Nye banana powder for setting and baking my highlights
Black Radiance blush in ´Soft Honey´ on the apples of my cheeks.
Maybelline All-in-one powder all over my face.


A brown shade from my Morphe brushes 35N eyeshadow palette in my crease and in the inner corners of my eyes.
A gold shade from my Sleek ´Sunset´ palette on the middle of my eyelids.
A black shade from my Sleek ´Sunset´ palette to contour the outer corners. I blended it into the crease as well.
Zaron gel eyeliner in ´Jazz´on my upper lash lines and in my water lines
Bee Lashes in #605


Lime Crime Velvetines liquid lipstick in ´Salem´.

Have a good evening...


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  1. mehnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow! my favourite look from you, you slayed it!

  2. This is beau ti full...... wow you look so lovely n different from your other tutorials

  3. Very Nubian in some type of way. Salem is a gorge brown anytime.

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