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Hello Ladies....

Have you noticed that we now have quite a number of indigenous Nigerian makeup brands? The Nigerian makeup industry has grown so much over the years....Our makeup game is excellent, and we have various makeup brands that actually produce products with great quality! Not every time foreign brands.

One of such Indigenous brands is L.O.G Cosmetics. Their products are made of natural and safe ingredients. I was sent some sample products to use and review and they include ;

L.O.G Cosmetics Lipstick in ´Bare´
L.O.G Cosmetics Eye shadow in ´Leke´
L.O.G Cosmetics Cream foundation in ´Arewa´
L.O.G Cosmetics HD Powder foundation in ´Semira´
L.O.G Cosmetics photo ready Mineral veil

First of all, let´s talk about the packaging shall we?

I personally think that packaging is very important because it determines how people will first of all perceive / receive a product. Just like the presentation of food determines if you will eat it or not.

The L.O.G Cosmetics products i received came in a pretty little white bag with a white ribbon tied on top of it. The products inside the bag were also packaged in nice little black bags with draw-strings. I thought it was very pretty.

The Lipstick comes in a normal tube like most lipsticks.

The Eye shadow is in loose powder form and it has a little flap cover underneath the screw....I think that is cool because it will help prevent unnecessary spillage *you know powdered products can be really messy* The little flap and the perforated holes will help curb that.

The Cream Foundation comes in the kind of  package that most pressed powders come in. It has a mirror inside the cover, and it has a second compartment for the white sponge used for application.

*I saved my best for the last* The HD Powder foundation and the Mineral veil both comes in small plastic cups.I love the fact that they are so small *won´t take up so much space in your makeup bag or box*, and i also love that your product won´t waste because if you pour out too much powder and you can´t use it up, it just sits in the sieve -like hollow *i don´t know what to call it* and you screw the cap back on. They both have white puffs for application.

Okay then, Let´s talk about the product formulation.....

The lipstick in ´Bare´is a very creamy. Lilac-toned, nude lipstick. It glides on smoothly, but i don´t really like the shade of the lipstick for my skin-tone. If i apply it without lining my lips first with a darker pencil, it makes my lips look really weird. However, it is creamy, doesn´t settle into lines and it is not sheer. It is also buildable.

The ´Leke´ Eye shadow is surprisingly very pigmented! However, i don´t know what shade of pink to call´s pink sha *loool!*. I did the swatches without a primer and i love how it showed up. I haven´t used it on my eyes to see how blendable it is......i´ll use it to create a look soon.

I did two swipes in this picture

Prior to getting the HD Powder foundation in ´Semira´, i had never used a powder foundation before, so i really don´t have a yard-stick with which to measure the ´performance´ of the L.O.G Cosmetics HD Powder foundation. All i know is that it gave me a full coverage which i don´t get just by using my normal powder without a foundation. I guess it´s called a ´Powder foundation´for a reason. I assume that it is supposed to give a fuller coverage than normal powder used to set liquid / cream foundations. ´Semira´ is not the right shade for my complexion *so i won´t be using it for myself again*, but what  matters is that the product does a good job.

That's the hollow sieve i was trying to explain about when i was talking about the packaging and how your product can't go to waste. See how the excess powder just sits in the hollow and you screw the cover back on.

I think that the Mineral Veil should have been more finely-milled. It´s slightly grainy and therefore does not really blend with ease.

The Cream foundation in ´Arewa´ has a beautiful coverage and it is very blendable. L.O.G Cosmetics says that it is suitable for all skin types, oil-free and non-comedogenic. ´Arewa´is also too dark for me, however, i will be using it to contour my´s the perfect shade for that. L.O.G Cosmetics also says that it contains cocoa butter and Vitamin E.

So, that´s all about the product review. Even though i was only sent these 5 products, L.O.G Cosmetics has other products in their makeup line.....including nail polishes. They also have a line of hair care products.

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  1. From your review, they didn't send your skin shade abi name tone... Anyways I love the fact that Nigerians are making their own products... Hope their prices are affordable to everyone else like us moms.

  2. Good manner of writing. Yes you got it right.

  3. Have you tried any of these? They are amazing - Powder Blush Palettes


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