Friday, 26 February 2016


Hey! It´s been a minute.....

Ok Ladies, i´m about to do something here that i´ve never done before.....

This is a very unusual, ´Spur-of-the-moment´ giveaway.

I´m not a ´heels´ person.....i´ll rather wear flats. I actually have normal heels, but they are not this high. *loooool!* . I love these shoes very very much, but i can´t wear them because one of them is too big for my feet, and the other two twisted, sprained and nearly broke my ankles!

Anyway, I almost gave these beautiful shoes away on SDK, but on second thought, i was like;

 "Wollup wollup! I have my very own blog readers who might be very interested in these shoes!"

So, here we are.

SIZE : Eur 42 , UK 8.
I never wore this one at´s too big for my feet, and it´s sooo pretty!

I wore one to a wedding, and if you see the way i hobbled back to my car, you will pity me. I´m just not a ´heels´person.... i´ve said that before? Ok.

I wore the other one to a beauty event, and at a point, i pulled them off and walked to my car... yes, with my bare feet *that is your own consign ni!*

Someone told me that people actually learn to walk in heels as high as these. I don´t know if that is true, but i´m not willing to learn biko!

How do most ladies manage to walk wearing high heels? I don´t know how you do´s like a miracle to me! After my attempts at wearing these shoes failed horribly, i started looking at ladies i see well-balanced on top of high-heeled shoes with new-found respect *i think they have super-powers*.

SIZE : EUR 40, UK 7, US 9
This one almost twisted my ankles! I only wore them for about 3 hours and that´s it.....never worn them again since then.
How many inches high are these heels sef? Please don´t ask for them if you don´t know how to wear high-heeled shoes ooo! I shan´t be held responsible for what happens to your ankles if you wear them ooo! *first comes the dangerous wobble, and then ....yakataaa!*. Tank God i did not fall *Lmao!*. Have no fear...if you are a ´Professional high-heel wearer´, you shouldn´t have a problem with these shoes. I no sabi wear.

SIZE : EUR 40, UK 7, US 9
I wore this one for about 3 hours too...but of course i pulled them off and walked to the car.

 I´m going to keep this short and sweet......this is how we are going to do it.......

The first 3 people to chat me up and indicate their interest in each of these items will get them...Simple! One person gets a pair.

Add me up on Whatsapp with 08188403418 or add me on BBM with 58DBD637. When you add me up, send me the picture of the pair you want, and i´ll let you know if it´still available or not. The first person to send me the pic of the peachy-orange shoe gets it...the first to send a pic of the sequined pair gets it...and the first person to send me a pic of the Zara strap sandals gets it.

That´s it!

Alrighty then!

Have a good night........Besos.

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  1. lol nice one sis , I dont wear very high hills too but wear wedge sandals or slippers shoe ..nice u give it out than for it to expire in ur walldrop Smiles.

  2. chai chai chai.. i love that peach wedges, but unfortunately it's too big for o... ahhhhh Chinazor I know I am late , but damn, these size 40 heels ain't high na, my perfect fit. .... i should have entered this giveaway * crying bitterly*

  3. Chai, the last shoe is so fine.

  4. I have sent you a request on. Mu bbm pleaseeeee add me biko


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