Monday, 15 February 2016

PICTORIAL | Let's Bake!

Hello babes....

Tonight, we are 'gonna wanna' bake!

As some of you might already know, baking is 'in' right now. Every Makeup Artist who knows her *or his* onions 'bakes' faces. Your makeover isn't complete without highlighting, contouring and baking.

Some seasoned makeup artists 'up there' takes it upon themselves to invent new makeup procedures and names.....setting the entire beauty world agog *because no one wants to be left behind*. So everyone has to strive to keep up with the trends and jump on the moving train.

When i did the 'Sunset' look, some of you on my BBM saw pictures of my baking process on my DP and requested a pictorial, and today, i decided to do it.

Baking is quite easy to do..... It basically means setting your highlighted areas with a GENEROUS amount of your preferred setting powder and leaving it on for about 2 minutes, after which you dust off the excess powder leaving your highlighted areas perfectly set.

It's a lot of pictures...but it's totally worth scrolling through....

So, let's go there!

In the picture above, i had already done my brows and applied my BlackUp Mattifying fluid foundation in '08'foundation all over my face.

Next, i highlighted my forehead, the bridge of my nose, underneath my eyes, the lines underneath my nose, and my chin . I used my LA Girl ProConceal in 'Toffee' to do all that.
For the purpose of this pictorial, i did not contour any area of my face....i only highlighted since it's a baking pictorial and we only bake highlighted areas.

I do not highlight the point below the hollows of my cheeks like most people do simply because i don't like the 'Square-faced' effect it gives. It makes the face look too sculpted and i don't like it *covers face*.

When you dampen the beauty blender, it swells to twice its size
Then, i soaked my beauty blender in water and squeezed out the excess. The beauty blender is what i use to blend out the concealer.

Next, i start to blend out the concealer using firm dabs. you can also use a brush if you do not have a beauty blender. Just be sure to blend the concealer properly into your foundation.

In the picture above, i had already blended out the concealer underneath my blending the chin. For the record, i think it's important to add that i layered on more concealer and blended it out because the first layer i applied in the picture above wasn't enough.

All blended sir!

This my powder is still plenty sha!

Next, i used my Ben Nye Banana powder to set and bake the highlighted areas. Some people use The Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder to do their baking. God willing, i would buy it and do a post comparing the two setting powders.

'Ojuju sturvs'

Apply the setting powder generously on the highlighted areas and leave it for about 2 minutes or so. I like to set my highlights before applying my lipstick so that while my face is 'baking', i can start doing my lips, and by the time i'm done, my highlights will be nicely 'baked'.

Oh, and i applied my setting powder with the same beauty blender sponge. I really should get myself the micro-mini beauty blender sponge to fit perfectly underneath my eyes because this large one doesn't quite fit.

Still baking.....

Now i'm going to dust off the powder using either of these two crease brush or my fan brush *i prefer the crease brush though*.

All dusted off!

Before and After

Whoever invented 'Baking' deserves a Nobel prize , a Grammy award or even an Oscar! *looooool!*. The effect that this process gives is nothing short of amazing! It's not even that obvious in the picture it and see for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this pictorial, and i sincerely hope that you learnt something new today *remember to practice often...practice makes perfect*. I would do a post about how to properly use the beauty blender soon.

Have a good night babes....


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  1. Thank you so much for this.

    I tried this out 3weeks ago but got it wrong - I used baby powder!!! *what was I thinking*

    Will try it again probably this weekend.

    Please is there a difference between setting powder and loose powder???

    1. Honestly, I'm not sure what the difference is. All I know is that we use the loose face powder to set our foundation, and we use the loose setting powder to set our highlights.

      I'm glad you found the pictorial useful.

  2. God bless you tremendously for this detailed pictorial. I have always wanted to learn this thing, and I don't have enough data to watch videos. I could hug you right now!

  3. Which of them is more preferable: setting powder/loose powder/white powder? Can one use white powder?

  4. Which of them is more preferable: setting powder/loose powder/white powder? Can one use white powder?

    1. Setting powder is the best. Don't use white are just going to have white patches when you are done.

  5. please can i use face definer by Zaron??

  6. For a fair skin which highlighter is better

    1. I don't know exactly how fair your skin is. When you get to the store, ask them to pick out the perfect highlighting concealer shade for you.


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