Saturday, 6 February 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | BlackUp Mattifying Fluid Foundation

Hello babes.....

This post was supposed to go up early this morning, but how i managed to push it till this time... only God 'nose'.

So how have you all been? Great i hope.

I've been thinking about changing the 'Look' of my blog. I'm someone who is very set in her ways and i resist change a lot *looool!* . I really love the warm look my blog already has, but i've been thinking that it's time i gave the blog a new look.....i mean after over 1.2 million page views, it's very well-deserved!

So do you think i should change it or not? Please let me know in the comment section below.

Now, on to the business of the day......


Early this year, i went out and got myself new makeup products. You all know that i'm sooooo used to my MaryKay foundation....I've used it in practically every look and pictorial i've done on this blog.....infact, it's the only foundation i've ever used. People underrate Marykay foundations a lot *perhaps because it's not expensive*, but you better believe that it's one of the best foundations out there!

The only reason why i went in search of a different foundation that day was because i was tired of mixing two foundations to get my perfect shade, and so i ended up buying the BlackUp Mattifying Fluid Foundation in the shade 'NFL 08'.

BlackUp says :

"A new improved formula for a matte finish upon application and 8 hours long lasting hold. Medium coverage, very natural makeup result, the BlackUp mattifying fluid foundation reduces excess sebum and visibly reduces pore size for a flawless complexion all day long. Oil free, paraben free, and fragrance free. Tested under dermatological control."

Ok, i really like this foundation for reasons i will state below...

It blends easily and smoothly into the skin.

It has a very good coverage.....they stated medium coverage on the pack, and it does that really well.

It has a matte finish *Once, i forgot to set it with powder after i was done applying it, but it wasn't apparent at would think i wore powder*.

It indeed gives a flawless complexion when you are done with the application.

It dries quickly.

It lasts long on the face.

I also like the fact that the product is dispensed through a pump......a very effective pump i might add, because when you press once, it dispenses the perfect amount of product that would be sufficient for a full face coverage.

The pump also ensures that you don't waste the product because with it, you can actually control the amount of foundation that comes out of the bottle.

I'm certain that a bottle will last over a year.

Why my hand is looking like burnt jollof rice in that picture, Chinazor does not know.


Montaigne Place



In other news, something hilarious happened this morning. I took Mish to the market *her very first time*.
When i told her that she would go with me to the food market, she shouted "Yes!" with excitement, so we got ready, and off we went.

That's how we got there oooooo, and when we were about to enter the meat section of the market and she saw dead roasted goats laying on their backs on the butchers tables, Mish grabbed my hand and started pulling me back towards the car.

"Mummy NOOOOOO! Let's goooooooo! I don't want to seeeeeee!".

Hian! What is 'doing' this one?

"Munachi, we are already here, we can't leave without buying anything, and i need to buy meat"

"Nooooo mummmyyyyyy! I don't want" She was close to tears.

That's how some market women burst out laughing. I was also bent over with laughter but the poor baby was visibly traumatized. I managed to calm her down, but she refused to enter that section till i carried her. She was trembling all over but i had to buy meat biko!

While we waited for our meat to be cut into pieces, she whispered in my ear "Mummy, let's go to the supermarket where they sell cornflakes and clothes" *loooooool!*

It was only after we left the meat section that she became normal again, but it was not a fun experience for her at all. She has told me that she doesn't want to go there with me ever again, but that's a big lie.....from now henceforth, we are in it togerrrra!


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  1. Rotflmao. Mish O! That's something I'll so do. This Black up foundation is Bae for me too. I love the coverage too.

  2. Yay! That's what I use and it's sooo perfect. I can't remember the last time I used the powder. The foundation alone does it for me. I love the look of your blog oooo! I don't know what you want to change it to
    About Mish! She reminds me of me. At this my old age, I still hate markets

    1. I only go because I have to. It's not my most favourite place.

      I'm thinking of getting a white background.

      Oh well.....

  3. I reviewed this foundation about 2 years ago. I was in love with it at that time, but after a while I wasn't feeling it any longer. Stopped using it all together. It got too yellow for me, and I just abandoned it *sad face*

    These kids won't kill somebody biko... The first time i took my daughter to my local market, if you see the look on her face, she didn't have to say anything.... she was covering her nose. I felt a little embarrassed ... till this day, if I say I am going to the market, she'll ask; Is it the smelling market? smh

    1. Haaaaaa! Dindu always asks "Is it the dirty market with flies everywhere?". His first experience wasn't fun for him either. Henceforth whenever I'm in the market, the 'two both of them' will be tagging along behind me!

  4. Lwkmd...Lovely *still laughing. ..Munachi is just like me, I hate going to the market buh I've gat no choice. I can feel the little gal...Lol

  5. Hahahaha and their funny attitude.

  6. Hello. I used the cream to powder foundation once but it barely lasted a month before I hit pan. If the liquid one will last up to a year, then it's definitely more cost effective than Mary kay.
    Your stories about your kids always crack me


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