Sunday, 14 February 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick in ´Salem´.

It´s another Valentines day.

Am i the only one who doesn´t make a big deal out of February 14th? It´s just like a normal day to me biko. Why do i have to set apart one special day to show love to my partner when i show love every other day?

To me, this day would have more value if it was solely dedicated to showing love to those who don´t have love in their lives.

But that is not why we are here........

I mentioned yesterday that i realized lately that i´ve been slacking in my blog duties. I´m supposed to bring you beauty news, let you know what is trending in the makeup world, review new products and let you know if they are worth buying and all etc. But that hasn´t been happening.... so i decided to start doing the needful.

If you have noticed lately, liquid lipsticks have been the ish. I did a post here about them in October last year. There are gorgeous colors which are different from the, grey, green, brown, purple, lilac, etc.

I decided to start with the ´Lime Crime Velvetines´ brand. My favourite of the lot is the ´Salem´ shade, and that is what i bought.

The truth is that i´m not really a fan of matte lipsticks or lipstains.....anything that dries up on my lips is just not for me. That´s why i´m one of those who do not like ´Ruby Woo´, and it´s also the reason why i hardly wear my Sleek Flash á pout Lipstains even though i love the shade in ´Forbidden´

I also had reservations about the liquid lipsticks because some of the liquid products i tried applying on my lips in the past did not apply evenly, and after a while they kinda felt heavy and very dry, and my lips always had this tight sensation, so i always had to wear a lip balm on top of the lip stains to make them wearable for me.....That´s the major reason why i shied away from the liquid lippies ´cos i didn´t have the strength for all that stress.

´Salem´is a very beautiful brown shade that jumped out at me while i was scrolling through their Instagram page, and i was like "If i ever decide to buy a Lime Crime lipstick, this would be the one."

The packaging? I like a lot!

I like the fact that it comes in a small bottle, and i also like the floral patterns on the pack and on the screw cover.

Once i applied the Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick in ´Salem´, all those reservations i had flew out of the window faster than the speed of light! The fomular is really light-weight and smooth. This lipstick applies very easily and glides smoothly on the lips. As in i was floored by the ease! Applying a second coat wasn´t problematic either. It gave a totally even coverage that wowed me.

I like the fact that it doesn´t dry very quickly while it´s being applied, and when it does dry, my lips don´t feel heavy at feels like velvet. Also i don´t experience that tight dryness.....i can totally rock ´Salem´without a lip balm.

However, I don´t know if the Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks are one of those kinds whose fomular varies with the shades....but i intend to find out because next, i´ll be buying the shade in ´Cement´ or ´Shroom´.

Is it long-lasting?

Yes indeed, it is.

For easy removal, apply a generous amount of vaseline on your lips before wiping with baby wipes *or whatever wipes you use*. I wiped off the one in the picture with just baby wipes and no vaseline....and my lips felt raw when i was done.....i´m never doing that again! Even the next morning while i brushed my teeth, my lips were stinging from the toothpaste. Needless to say i´ve learnt my lesson.

So if you have been ´eyeing´ the Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipsticks, you can go ahead and get yourself one *or five... looool!*




Happy Valentines day......


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  1. My dear, you ain't the only one who feels like that about Feb 14th... It's my moms birthday and that's what I celebrate. Those of us who understand love know that we don't make a big deal about one day.

    Now back to this review... I feel you on ruby woo , I have it but I don't use it, same as sleek flash a pout... If its too dry it won't work for me. I haven't used lime crime but I have had my eyed on Salem for a long time. The color is unique, now your review will make me purchase it

    1. Chai! And it will fit you oooo! With your 'yallow' face. Loooool!

    2. Oh, and Happy birthday to your mum! Many more blissful years ahead.


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