Thursday, 11 February 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW / Oriflame Cosmetics (Lipstick, Eyeliner stylo & Cream Eyeshadow)

How´s your day been?

I was sent some makeup products from Oriflame Cosmetics, and i was able to use them to create a look today. I will not post pictures of the look i created here because it was one of my ´Bad makeup days´ *yes, i actually have one of those*. One naughty friend of mine saw me and said it looked like makeup from 1976 *side eyes Uju and her long mouth*.

So, i was sent The One Color Impact Cream Eyeshadow in ´Olive green´, The One Color Unlimited Lipstick in ´Always Cranberry´ , and The One Eyeliner Stylo in ´Black´.

Let´s keep the review short ´n Sweet * at least, i´ll try*......

Let´s start with the cream eyeshadow. It comes in a small plastic jar just like most gel eyeliners.

The product has a thick consistency, and once you apply it, it dries to a smooth satin texture. It is very buildable and surprisingly pigmented.

I did just one swatch in the picture below, and i didn´t even use a primer!

I have never used a cream eyeshadow before, and i was skeptical about this one, but it turned out pretty amazing and i´m going to be using it a lot!

Next, let´s review The One Eyeliner Stylo.

I have used various Eyeliner Stylos in the past, and i was really hoping that this one would be different. But i think it´s just the same as the rest. When you apply on the back of your hand, they turn out really black, but attempting to apply on your lash line gives you a different result. It doesn´t turn out as pigmented as it was on the back of your hand.

See ehn, i like my eyeliner really black, but the Stylo doesn´t turn out as black as i would like it to be.

Like every Stylo pen, it has a felt tip. I hope the tip won´t get soft and bendy like other stylo tips do.

It looks dark on the back of my hand, but it doesn´t appear so when i draw my winged liner on my lash line. I still prefer my gel eyeliners *covers face*. I also hope that the One Eyeliner Stylo won´t dry out quickly.

The One Color Unlimited Lipstick in ´Always Cranberry´ is a beautiful pink satin lipstick. It applies really sheer but it´s buildable to a point. It glides on really smoothly when applied.

I like the fact that it comes in a little tube which can easily fit into your makeup purse. I also love the smell of the has this really sweet smell *like candy*.


The One Color Eyeliner Stylo --- N2,190
The One Color Cream Eyeshadow ---- N2,190
The One Color Unlimited Lipstick ----- N1,990


Contact Chiagozie Salami on 07055082825 or BBM 58ADFB30.

Oriflame consultants get the products at 23% discount. The eyeliner then goes for N1,685, the cream eyeshadow goes for N1,685 and the lipstick goes for N1,531.

To sign up to be a consultant, click on this link ...

Registration costs N1,200 and you get the products at consultant price delivered to your doorstep at a fee Nationwide.

If the link doesn´t open, just copy it and paste in your browser tab. For more information, contact Chiagozie with the details above


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  1. Are there other products other than these? Nice review.

    1. Yes there are. Check their website

    2. Yes there are. Check their website

  2. I love Oriflame products, affordable and nice. Been an ardent user since last year. Chinazor, try the High impact eye pencil, you will love it.


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