Friday, 19 February 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Zaron Face Definer Palette

Howdy Ladies.....

So Mz Lifewire asked me on the ´Baking Post´ if she could use the Zaron face definer palette. I deliberately didn´t reply her right there because a review of the product was already brewing.

Before i got this palette, i was already using the Sleek contour kit in ´Dark´, and it was serving me well, but i always had to share it with my students *wipes brow*. And so i decided to get my personal contour kit.....a different brand this time. That´s how i bought the Zaron Face Definer palette.

I have used this kit for a while now, and i have to let you all know that this product is really really nice. Zaron did good with this one.

I got the one with the code PZ15, and it´s perfect for me.

It has a highlighter pan, a contour powder pan and a bronzer pan. I haven´t used the highlighter because i already use my Ben Nye banana powder for setting my highlights,  and so i don´t know what to say about it *i would use it for my next look though*.

However, i use the contour powder and the bronzer frequently........

The contour powder is pigmented and shows up once you apply it. Not only that.... it blends easily too. The bronzer on the other hand is very is pigmented and blends well too.

 Left to right , Highlighter, Contour powder, Bronzer
It comes in 4 different shades ´PZ05, PZ10, PZ15 & PZ20.

I´m really loving this product because it gives me exactly what i want, and i´m totally buying it again.

So if you have been thinking of buying the Zaron Face Definer palette, you can go ahead and get it *Mz Lifewire haff you hear? lol*.


Any Zaron outlet or from any distributor.


N3,500 - N4,000 *depends on the seller*

Alright Dolls, that´s it. Have a lovely evening.


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  1. This is very similar to the sleek face form, and the price is good too. Nigerian brands are really stepping up their game, so cool.

  2. I equally hv it, it's a nice product
    nd highlights comes out nice...tnx dear

  3. am loving Nigerian products....and they are really making good products...


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