Thursday, 3 March 2016

B 'n D Makeover | Moonshine

Hey babes...

I bought a Colorpop Cosmetics eye shadow a couple of weeks ago...... got the shade in 'Moonshine', and yesterday i used it to create a look.

Oh, and by the way, you remember my plans to wear makeup more often this year? Yeah, that's no longer happening. Have you felt the heat??? It's horrible! There's no way i'm wearing makeup *especially foundation* for long hours in this eeeeew-ish weather. I'm just going to wait till my favourite season comes along....yup, i love the rainy season.

So i created the look after i came home from my fuel hunt..... i spent 3 hours on the queue, and they didn't even fill my tank!! They said they were only selling a maximum of N3,000 to all cars. I had to plead before they agreed to sell an extra N1,000 to me......plead on top of my own money again? It's well!

Behold, the 'Moonshine' look........

Oh, i'm wearing the L.O.G Cosmetics lipstick in 'Bare' I reviewed it in my last post. Like i mentioned, it looks weird on my lips if i don't use a lip liner, so i lined it with Zaron lip liner in 'Vivid'.

Brethren, follow me to look at my hairline oooo! The Lord is good!



Tara brow pencil in 'Dark brown'
L.A Girl Pro conceal in 'Toffee'


BlackUp Mattifying liquid foundation in '08'
L.A Girl Pro Conceal in 'Toffee' for highlighting under my eyes
Sacha Buttercup setting powder for setting and baking my highlights
L.O.G Cosmetics cream foundation in 'Arewa' for contouring my nose and hollows of my cheeks
Maybelline all-in-one powder in 'Nutmeg' for setting my foundation
Zaron face definer palette in 'PZ15' for contouring and bronzing my face
Black radiance blush in 'Spiced ginger'
L.A Girl Pro setting spray to set my makeup


NYX eyeshadow base in Skintone
Brown eyeshadows from my Morphe 35N palette
ColorPop eyeshadow in 'Moonshine'
Black eyeshadow from my Sleek eyeshadow palette in 'Sunset'
Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jazz' on my upper lashlines and in my waterlines
Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express mascara for my lower lashes
Bee lashes in 415


Zaron lipliner in 'Vivid'
L.O.G Cosmetics lipstick in 'Bare'

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*Shourout to Jennifer, my fan from Cotonu! *winks*


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  1. I love this look and colourpop is bae. I'm adding moonshine to my wishlist. I like!!

  2. I love this look and colourpop is bae. I'm adding moonshine to my wishlist. I like!!

  3. Love this look. Definitely going to try something similar like this out. I do have also some make up look, maybe you would like to check dem out ?
    Continuing posting you beautiful make up looks


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