Sunday, 6 March 2016

My favourite looks at the AMVCA 2016.

Hello ladies..

So the AMVCA (African Magic Viewers Choice Awards) 2016 held yesterday, and i tuned in to watch the show. I missed out on a little bit of the red carpet appearances and interviews though, but i watched the rest till the very end.

I loved the fact that there were some people who dressed in traditional attires .... I especially loved Blossom Chukwujekwu´s ensemble.

Anyway, this post is about my favourite looks of the show, so here they are in no particular order.....well, after Linda Ejiofor, the rest are in no particular order....

Linda Ejiofor was the first person i saw when i tuned in. This lady is too gorgeous for words  biko!!
Her makeup was done by Leylar Cadne. I love the fact that her makeup was kept clean and her hair was packed in a ponytail. She looked like a breath of fresh air!

Here´s a full-sized picture so you can see her gown better.

Mercy Aigbe looked like a QUEEN!! She came to slaaaay!

Osas Ajibade made me gasp out so loud when she came onto the stage with her husband to present an award. I was like "This IS a beautiful, beautiful  gown!"
I also loved her hair-do . Her makeup was done by Doranne beauty.

I actually came across Annie Idibia´s picture on Instagram after watching the show. Her dress was amazing!
I also loved her makeup....done by Anita Brows

I don´t think this picture did Genevieve Nnaji justice.....she looked divine!

I totally love Ebube´s skirt , it´s gorgeous! Her makeup was done by Bethsaida Makeovers
Rukky Sanda looked lovely too.

You know........i really liked Kemi Adetiba´s unconventional suit by Mai Atafo. 

So those were my best looks. I was elated when ´DRY´won the movie of the year award. As innnnnn!
Falz, Chigul and Frank Donga were really funny. I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

It´s Mothers day! *Yaaaaaaassssss!*

So i showed my kids my mum´s picture in my phone, and the following conversation ensued:

ME : It´s mother´s day today. Do you know who my mummy is?

MISH : You have a mummy? *That girl´s facial expressions are priceless!*

ME : Of course i have a mummy! *and so i show them a picture of my mum*

DINDU : But that is our Grandma! *Mish nods in agreement*

ME : I know she´s your grandma, but she´s also my mum.

Mish looked at me as if to say "How can you say you have a mummy? Didn´t you fall from the sky?"

I don´t understand how they don´t believe i have a mummy. We have had this conversation before, and they have been taught about grandparents at school...they even have ´Grandparents day´, so why is it strange to them that their mummy has a mummy? *loooool!*.  The last time we had the ´Mummy has a mummy´conversation, the way these kids laughed at me ehn.... To them, i was a huge joker! *They were like ...´You have a mummy ko! You have a mummy ni!´*

They know my mum as their grandma. When they see her pic in my phone, they are like "That´s grandma!", but there´s no way she can be my´s inconceivable to them!

Please do your kids know that their grandparents are actually your parents also? My husband says that they will get it when they are a little bit older....oh well.......

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, Mothers-to-be and anyone playing the role of a mother in anyone´s life. May God bless us all and continue to grant us the wisdom we need to bring up these little ones He has entrusted in our care.

Have a lovely evening...


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  1. I think your kids are divine!! They will understand the connection in a couple of years. Linda looks absolutely divine!!

    Happy Mothers Day to you!!

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