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PRODUCT REVIEW | Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder


We got back home about 2 hours ago from our swimming lessons. You won't believe that i actually registered the kids for the lessons in August last year....they had just 5 classes and then i got veeeery busy, so we had to put the lessons on hold. Today, i called the instructor and told him that we would like to resume and he asked us to come ......so we went, and we just got back. Biko, 45k can't just waste like that. Now, we have 8 classes to go. If you follow me on Snapchat, you would have seen what we were up to at the pool. My snap is :  Blushes.dimples

I came back longing to resume my reading *i'm reading the Mark Of the Lion Trilogy for the 4th time....I'm halfway done with the first book in the series....it's titled  'A Voice In The Wind*, but how can i resume reading when i've been putting this blog post off since yesterday? So, i've decided to blog first and read later.

I mentioned sometime ago that i was going to buy the Sacha Buttercup Setting powder that did not let us 'hearing' word in the beauty world. Youtube was agog with it. Everybody had it. Everyone reviewed it. They all had good things to say, but i didn't want to just take their word for it.....i had to see for myself, and so i went out and purchased it.

Here it is below......

See ehn, no too much talk involved here.

Are the reviews we've read accurate? YES!

Is the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder good? It's EXCELLENT!

Which one should you buy between the Ben Nye Banana Powder and the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder? If you don't have the Ben Nye already, just buy the Sacha 'somebody'. It's much better!

An avid Ben Nye Banana Powder disciple argued that she doesn't agree with the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder hype because the thing is that when the youtube influencers hype any product at all, people begin to rave over it whether it's actually good or not. She said that before Sacha came along, we were doing very well with the Banana Powder. It even got its own rave! So she insisted that the Ben Nye gets the job done very well.

I agree with her to an extent. I agree that the Banana powder is good and actually gets the job done, but having used the two products, i also believe that Sacha is better.

If you want to start up something which you know that there are other people already doing it, won't you look for something that will set you apart and make your venture better than those already existing ones? Now, Sacha is better because i assume that they already knew that Ben Nye Banana powder existed, and since they wanted to produce their own setting powder, they had to work on their formular to find ways to best the Banana powder. So it's actually better.....it's not just an empty rave.

As a result, they milled their powder finer than the Banana powder and gave it a yellower base. This is the reason why the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder blends so well and so easily *because of the finely milled texture it has*. It also doesn't have that whitish effect the Banana powder sometimes has when you take pictures with flash *because it's yellower*.

Now another reason why i prefer the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder is because of the packaging. From the picture above, you can see how your powder won't go to waste if you happen to pour out excess. It just sits in that hollowed space and you screw the cap back on.

On the other hand, if you pour out excess of the Banana Powder, you have to try to find away to get the powder back into those holes, you will still loose some product anyway. I don't even bother, i just dust the excess away.

There's Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder on the left, and Ben Nye Banana Powder on the right.
Can you see that the Sacha Powder is actually yellower than the Banana Powder?

All dusted off.

Ok, so Youtube made me buy this powder, and i don't regret it. The only thing i regret is the price at which i bought it. It used to be about N4,500, but because of the dollar issue, it was sold to me at a whooping N7,000.

If you don't already have a setting powder, buy the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder...... It's worth the hype! But if you have the Ben Nye Banana Powder, just stick to it. I bought the two because i had to do my job.

*Now, i can go back to reading my book!*

Besos and good night!

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this, would have to change my setting powder after buying LA pro setting powder, regret it much, leaves a white patch even after much dusting off,mtcheww, such a waste of money. Good job u doing

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