Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Beauty talk | Makeup tips

Hello Dolls....

Good evening.

Remember when i used to share makeup tips on this blog?

It´s not like i ran out of tips to share. You know the learning never stops....and so i got some new tips to share with you all....

Let´s get into it right away!

For those of you still struggling with fixing your falsies, have you ever tried cutting them in half?

If you are having a hard time fixing it whole, then you can just cut it into 2 using a scissors or a blade and fix it in sections. Doing it this way would certainly make it easier for you because then you would be able to control the small part you are trying to fix *because when fixing the full length, the inner and outer ends sometimes refuse to sit on your lashes simultaneously. when you hold one end down, the other end goes up*. So cut it in half and start by fixing the outer half, before you fix the inner half. Make sure you fix it in that order *outer first and then inner* because if you fix the inner half first, you might end up not placing it right and then it will mean that the outer half will need to be trimmed off again *i hope you understand*.

Some people say that white eyeliner looks weird on them, some say it doesn´t fit them, and i´m here like "What do you mean? It fits everybody!". So i´m kinda thinking that if you fall in the category of people who think that white eyeliner doesn´t look good in their waterlines, then you are probably not doing it right. When applying you white eyeliner, apply it generously *2 or more layers* only in your sure to avoid your lower lash lines. After that, apply your black eyeliner on your lower lashlines....just below the white eyeliner you applied.
So is that how you have been doing it? If yes, then it prolly looks good on you but you just don´t know it!

Lastly, I know that most of us hate using the liquid eyeliner *that´s the hardest type of eyeliner to apply!*, but when working with glitter on your eyelids, the liquid eyeliner is the best eyeliner to use on your upper lashlines. If you use the gel liner, it picks up a lot of your glitter and you have to keep wiping you brush, and it also drags on the lashline. However, the liquid eyeliner glides on better and picks up less of the glitter. It looks better too.

So did you learn something new today?

I´m glad!

Besos, and good night.

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  1. I learnt o.tip one and two is for me.tanx a lot Mamie

  2. Yeah.......I have battles with lashes for the longest time. Will try out this trick

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