Wednesday, 25 May 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Ajali Vanilla & Lime Lip Scrub, and Ajali Coconut Hibiscus Lip Balm

So we have officially welcomed my favourite season of the year....the rains are here!!! *rings gong*. Goodness me, the heat had become unbearable! I was using mangoes to console myself but i think they are making their exit slowly but surely *na that one dey pain me pass anything!*. My love for 'sherry' mangoes.........

Do you remember when i reviewed the Ajali konjac sponge i purchased a while ago? I also mentioned that i bought a lip scrub and a lip balm from them. Read the Konjac Sponge review HERE .

For a while, i was using the Maybelline Baby Lips to moisturize my lips and keep them soft, but buying them soon became a problem because they never seemed to be available in my vicinity, and then i decided to go natural on my lips, so it was time for a change. I knew Ajali makes natural lip scrubs and lip balms, so i went ahead and placed my order on their website for the Vanilla & Lime lip Scrub and the 'Coconut Hibiscus Lip Balm.

Oh my God! I hate chapped lips....they are NOT acceptable! I dislike seeing them, i hate working on them. It doesn't make the lipstick look good, no matter how much you blend the lip pencil and lipstick. If you have chapped and dry lips, then these two products are for you. You ought to purchase them, you NEED to purchase them!

The lip scrub is made of granulated oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, Vanilla essential oil and Lime essential oil. The Coconut, vanilla and lime essential oils blend together to give the product a really nice smell *i especially like the smell of it*.

You know what? I just love this Lip scrub! It gets the job done alright.


I wet my lips with a little water first.

Then i scoop up a little of the sugar scrub with my index finger and place on my lips.

And then i scrub gently using back and forth or circular rubbing motions.

The sugar granules scrubs the lips nicely, taking off any dead skin on the surface of your lips. You have to be gentle though because you don't want to tear your lips with vigorous scrubbing.

After scrubbing, i rinse the sugar off my lips and dry off.

The Ajali Coconut Hibiscus lip balm on the other hand is made of Beeswax, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Sweet almond oil, Vitamin E oil and Dried hibiscus petals.

Now, just like the Lip scrub, what i like most of all about this lip balm is the smell. I don't know which of the ingredients exactly gives out the top scent, but i do know that it's a lovely blend of smells. Another nice thing about the smell is that it lingers for a long while after you have applied it, but asides from the smell, i don't really like the formulation of the product. To me, it feels waxy, and it's also hard.

You are supposed to pick up a little product, warm it between your fingers and apply on the lips, but i just don't like the fact that it's not quite easy to pick up the product. I like my lip balms soft and moist *i don't know if 'moist' is the proper word to use here, but i think you get what i mean*. I like being able to dip my finger into a soft lip balm and apply it smoothly on my lips, but this one is hard and stiff.

I have wondered if it's because of the way i store it....but it just sits on my bathroom shelf at room temperature. However today, i was in a rush to get out of the house, so i took it along with me and used it in the car. Then i left it in the hot car for some hours while i went about my activities. When i got back into the car for a touch-up, the heat had melted it a little bit and it was nicer and easier to apply......i liked it better that way. But right now, it has stiffened again..

The waxy feel and the hardness does not mean that it doesn't gets the job done very well too just like the Vanilla & Lime lip scrub. My issue with the hardness / stiffness of the product is just me. It's a matter of personal preference. In all, it's still a very good product, and i will purchase it again.

I use the lip balm everyday, and i use the lip scrub every two days. The products go hand in hand. I love the way my lips feels and looks after i'm done with the scrubbing and moisturizing. They feel soft and supple, and look smooth and healthy.

If you have dried chapped lips, i strongly recommend these two products. Order for yours immediately and start taking care of your lips!

If your lips are extremely chapped, i suggest that you apply a generous amount of the lip balm first, then let it sit on your lips for a while. Hopefully, it will soften the dry chappy and flaky skin. Then go ahead and scrub. After scrubbing, rinse off the lip scrub, dry your lips and apply another generous amount of lip balm.

Do this for continuously, and i'm sure your lips will be saved.


Coconut Hibiscus Lip Balm - HERE

Vanilla & Lime Lip Scrub - HERE



Have a good night...


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