Wednesday, 22 June 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | ColourPop Ultra Matte lipgloss in 'Lychee'

Good evening...

I bought this liquid lipstick months ago, and didn't use it until recently. It's a bright purple.... and i  didn't know that it would be that bright. So i never used it....until the day i swatched it for the purpose of a blog review.

How are you all doing? Good, i hope.

Let's get to the review then.

It's the ColourPop Ultra Matte lipgloss in 'Lychee'.

Why does it seem like liquid lipsticks are taking over the makeup world though? Not for me sha...i still like my good old-fashioned tube lipsticks which don't dry out my lips and make them feel like they're going to tear if i smile.

This liquid lipstick like other liquid lipsticks has a doe-foot applicator for easy application straight on the lips *you can use a lip brush as well*.

'Lychee' is a bright purple shade....some say it's a dark pink, others say it's a bright violet, i say it's bright purple. It applies smoothly, but the second layer doesn't apply as smooth as the first....that doesn't mean you can't make it work though.

When it's applied

Looks like this when it's dry

I have noticed that most of these liquid lipsticks vary slightly in fomular from shade to shade. Some shades apply easily and glide on smoothly, while others are streaky and slightly chunky when you try to layer them *i really hate that*.

Before applying these dry lipstains, make sure that your lips are scrubbed and moisturized.... this makes for easier application and a smoother finish.




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