Saturday, 23 July 2016

Tales Of A Nigerian Mum | The end of a school session

So another school session is over.....thank God!

I'm grateful to God for seeing us through the 3 terms. The school runs, the tears of separation anxiety (Zuri of course) the home-works, the extra lessons at home, the rehersals, the school meetings, the graduation, and of course the school fees! *school fees for 3 kids in this current economy is not a beans*.

Dindu is officially done with Year 1 (pry 1) and is going on to Year 2 (pry 2), Mish has graduated from the nursery school and is going to Year 1....oh, her birthday was last week Tuesday and we had a Ballerina-themed photoshoot done. For the past few days, she keeps saying to me, "Mummy i'm a big girl now..i'm 5 years old!" Zuri on the other hand is still in her pre-nursery years. This past session was her very first session at school, and she will be going to the next pre-nursery class.

Zuri's first term at school, she didn't cry for even one day. I was really worried about her because i remembered how Dindu and Mish bawled every morning throughout their very first terms at school. I dreaded the day Zuriel would start school, but guess what? The chic didn't even shed one single tear, and i was like "Oh? very well then" looool!

Then came the holidays and they spent some weeks at home. When we resumed for the second term, that was when Zuri turned on the water-works. She had gotten used to staying at home during the holidays, and then when she resumed school and saw her 'colleagues' crying, she decided to cry along with them for about a week.....after that week, we were good.

Third term, she didn't cry at all, but she opened up at school. She loved school so much that every morning she'll go downstairs before everyone else and stand beside the car with her bag and wait for us to finish whatever it was we were doing upstairs and get down so we could leave for school already! She participated fully during class activities and answered questions when asked. She could identify her colours, shapes and numbers and everything else. Almost everyday she went to school, she came home with a Star and a 'Smiling face' drawn on the back of her hand. She did so well this last session, and she got an award as a Outstanding Student at the end of the session! Zuri made us soooo proud!

Mish the little Ballerina struggled for a bit with her spellings because at the beginning of the 2nd term when her class was introduced to spellings, she wasn't in school. Oh, but she picked up alright!

She also did very well throughout the session *school fees ain't wasting*.

Finally, Mr Dindu excelled! He only struggles with ICT and Music ... and those are the subjects he got 'C's' in. The rest were A's and B's *10 A's, 3 B's and 2 C's precisely*.  Super proud parents we are!!! If i don't celebrate them, who will?

So we are looking forward to the next session starting in September, but in the mean-time, i'm thinking of enrolling them for summer lessons so as to give them a head-start for first term...that way, whatever they will be taught in the first term of the new school session won't be new to them. Also, i can't imagine 8 weeks of chaos with these munchkins at home...loooool! It's only been 1 week and they are doing my head in already.

Biko, they should go to school jare! That's their work. Let me face my own work.


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