Thursday, 29 September 2016

Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference 2016 | Counting down

So who else is counting down to the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference starting next week? *whoop-whoop!!*.

First of all, have you registered  your FREE visit to attend the show? If you haven't, then you should know that online registration will close on the 3rd of October at 7:00am Nigerian time. So if you've been stalling, now would be a good time to go ahead and do it. Click HERE to register.

In my last post about the event, i talked about the different sessions and the speakers. I listed some of the speakers and what they would be speaking on / teaching us. Please click here to see the last post.

Over 3 action-packed days, Beauty Africa will be hosting industry experts like Banke Meshida-Lawal, Lola Maja, Bimpe Onakoya, Tara Fela-Durotoye, Fatima Mamza and other seasoned professionals who would be sharing their valued knowledge with us by giving live demonstrations on the latest techniques and methods in Beauty, Haircare and Skincare.

However, i would like to share part of the Day 2 programme with you again because there were some changes.

DAY 2 : Friday 7th October

THE BUSINESS FORUM : A focus on brand building, digital influencers, & marketing strategies.


Ezinne Alpha


Banke Meshida  Lawal
Daboju Michael Ogboru
Lousia Kinoshi
Lola OJ
Doranne Beauty
Valerie Obaze
Chika Uzor
Seyi Ayinla

Now Instead of on Day 3 as was written in the previous programme, Banke Meshida Lawal will be doing a live demo for us on Day 2. At 11:30am, she'll be demonstrating 'The authentic Nigerian look'.

Taking her previous slot on Day 3 at 12:00pm will be Wondrous Carter-Brown who would demonstrate 'Short hair styling'.

To view the full programme, please click here

Remember to register your FREE visit here.

We really look forward to seeing you there.


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Friday, 23 September 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Sonia Kashuk lipsticks

Howdy beauties...

Hope everyone is good.

At the last Lagos Makeup Fair (LMUF), the highlighter wasn't the only product i bought from the Sonia Kashuk stand......i also bought two lipstick tubes. I really wanted new nude shades *well, because one can never have too many nude lipsticks*, so when i got to the Sonia Kashuk stand for the highlighter which i already had on my list, i asked to see their nude lipstick shades. They handed me the shades in 'Currant' and 'Barely nude' and that was it. They were just the shades i was looking for.

'Currant' is a dark-brownish nude, while 'Barely nude' is a light-brownish nude *hope that makes sense*.

I like the packaging the lipsticks have, and you don't have to pull off the cover to see the shade of the lipstick because the glass/plastic part of the cover has the exact shade of the lipstick in it.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Your personal invitation to the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference 2016

Good morning beautiful people!

I woke up bright and early this morning and thought to do a blog post to remind you of the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference coming up on the 6th - 8th of October 2016, and to give you the reasons why you MUST attend, as well as present to you the line-up of renowned speakers who would be sharing their knowledge and showing us their skills AT. NO. PRICE at all!!! *this info alone should spur you to attend*.

So first of all, why should you attend the Exhibition & Conference?

  • You get to learn from the very best of the Nigerian Makeup Industry during the high quality workshops and live demos that will be showcased......FOR FREE!

  • You also get to mingle and network with other beauty professionals.

  • You get to trade with different Skin care, Hair care and Makeup brands that will be exhibiting their products.

  • You will glean a lot of knowledge from the expert speakers who will be answering some of your questions.....FOR FREE!

These are the reasons that come off the top of my head right now. Now let me share with you the names of the Panelists/speakers that will be speaking at the conference and those who would be conducting live demos for us....


Fatima Mamza *a.k.a Mamza Beauty* will be demonstrating a Nigerian bridal look.
Nibi Lawson will be showing us how to build a healthy hair regimen.
Olajide David Okerayi *a.k.a Jide of St.Ola* will be showing us how to achieve a 'Fresh face' look.
Marco Louis of M.A.C cosmetics will be showing us the international trends in makeup.
Pamela Bello-Olatunji will be demonstrating Skin exfoliation with chemical peels.


There's going to be a conference talk titled 'Building a beauty empire : From brand building to social media & marketing strategies'.
The Moderator will be Ezinne Alpha *a.k.a Beauty in Lagos*.

The panelists include:
Jackie Aina *yes, the Jackie Aina!!!*
Banke Meshida Lawal *a.k.a BmPro*
Daboju Michael Ogboru

And then we go on to have more live demos by...

Lola Maja who will be showing us how to create an SFX look.
Bimpe Onakoya will be demonstrating a classic mid-century glamour with a modern twist. *oh la la!*
Pamela Bello-Olatunji will be demonstrating Microdermabrasion.


Mimi Marwa will be demonstrating Skincare and Henna.
Banke Meshida Lawal will be demonstrating another makeup look.
Joyce Jacobs *a.k.a Joyce Jacobs Beauty* will be showing another makeup look as well.
Dr Ohairie will be demonstrating Skincare.
Rhema Akabuogu will be showing us a Reformation : The art of Highlights and Lowlights.
Dave Sucre will be showing us how to get the perfect glow.

There's something for everyone....whether you are in the Makeup, Haircare or Skincare field. Now that you have seen all that you have to loose if you don't attend the event, please find below your personal invitation to the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference 2016...

Please click HERE to register to attend for FREE

Venue is at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Dates : 6th - 8th of October 2016

It's not everyday that you get to sit with popular professionals in the industry to learn from them for free is it? This opportunity comes once in a year....don't let this one pass you by.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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Monday, 5 September 2016

Tales Of A Nigerian Mum | Zuri says the darndest things!

One of my favourite things about children is how they are effortlessly funny. They do and say the most hilarious things...and the best part is they do it innocently, totally oblivious of their comedian/comedienne characteristics. They would be dead serious while you are almost toppled over with laughter.

My Zuri is 2 years old, but i suspect she has the brain of a 6 years old child. I really don't know how she thinks up the things she says. Does she ponder over them for a while before saying them, or does she just blurt them out as they pop into her head? *looool*. Everyday, she cracks us up at home. Just a few incidences comes to mind right now.

Just the other day, their noise and antics were getting on my nerves, and i gave them a loud warning,

"Bia, i will beat somebody oh!"

And Zuri shouts back at me from the other room...

"Beat yourself!"

Seriously, this girl is just 2 years old.

Every morning, we have a fight about clothes. My cousin would dress her up in mufti for summer classes, and Zuriel will march into my room and declare,

"Mummy, i don't like this cloth!"

Sometimes, i just won't have the will-power in me to fight, and i'll let her have her way and pick out oddly matching clothes, and other times, i decide that she can't always have what she wants. So when i insist that she must wear the clothes i pick out, she starts making excuses,

"The cloth is kwaching me" * The cloth is scratching me*, or "This shirt is 'tighting' me". Sometimes she claims it's no longer her size! "Eeees not my size!".

One day, we were driving home from school, and off the top of her head Zuriel said to me from the back of the car,

"Mummy, buy a puppy for a goat for Dindu and Muwati" *She calls her sister Muwati*. It was sooooo funny! What on earth did she mean by that? Why would she want me to buy a goat for her siblings? Was that really off the top of her head or had she been thinking about it for some time?

She's so quick to say "Sowwy Mummy, i wee not do it again" when she does something bad and sees that i'm really upset. And sometimes, she just comes into my room and says "Sowwy Mummy, sowwy", and i wouldn't know why she's sorry until much later when i find what she's done.

Over the weekend, we went over to my parent's house for a sleep-over. That Saturday morning before we left, i tried to make them hurry up getting ready because it was environmental sanitation day, and i really wanted to beat the traffic that starts accumulating after 10am.

"Dindu, you need to hurry because we need to leave exactly at 10am ."

"Why?"  *That boy questions every single thing! Eissssh!*

"Well because there will be traffic after 10am, so i need us to leave by 10 am.... that way, we can beat the traffic". I explained.

Zuri stopped scribbling with her crayons, looked at me and said, "Nooooo mummy......don't beat it!"

"Don't beat what?" I was confused.

"Don't beat traffic" she said.

We all had a good laugh that morning....especially Dindu and Munachi *looool!*. Apparently, she thought i was going to beat/flog the traffic.

The day we were supposed to come back home, i reminded them of how the last time we went to Grandma's house, we were stuck in traffic for 3 i told them again that we had to leave early so that we don't get stuck in traffic again....

And out of nowhere, my tiny human said,

"Mummy, beat it"


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Thursday, 1 September 2016

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Nonso

I would like y'all to meet my darling Nonso, the wonderful lady who taught me how to bead. Kind-hearted, beautiful Nonso. Side note to guys....she's taken *yes, i know guys read this blog*. Hot mum of three. Baby-la-hot!

When i say 'Fine girl, no pimples', i mean fine girl, no pimples.

This chick has one of the smoothest, freshest, clearest skin i've ever come across on this makeup-journey, and i had the pleasure of working on her face few weeks ago.

I've been having this wonderful headache since yesterday night, and this morning i felt like a truck ran me over. You won't believe me if i told you that i haven't stepped out of my room all day.....would you? I truly haven't *Summer lessons are over, so i didn't have to drive anywhere today* . Yup, i've been holed up in this room all day and i kinda like it because i enjoy my own company more than anything else....all i need is a good book or my phones and mifi, and i'm good.

In other news, who would be interested in submitting her face to me for about 2 hours?

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