Thursday, 1 September 2016

B 'n D Makeover | Ft. Nonso

I would like y'all to meet my darling Nonso, the wonderful lady who taught me how to bead. Kind-hearted, beautiful Nonso. Side note to guys....she's taken *yes, i know guys read this blog*. Hot mum of three. Baby-la-hot!

When i say 'Fine girl, no pimples', i mean fine girl, no pimples.

This chick has one of the smoothest, freshest, clearest skin i've ever come across on this makeup-journey, and i had the pleasure of working on her face few weeks ago.

I've been having this wonderful headache since yesterday night, and this morning i felt like a truck ran me over. You won't believe me if i told you that i haven't stepped out of my room all day.....would you? I truly haven't *Summer lessons are over, so i didn't have to drive anywhere today* . Yup, i've been holed up in this room all day and i kinda like it because i enjoy my own company more than anything else....all i need is a good book or my phones and mifi, and i'm good.

In other news, who would be interested in submitting her face to me for about 2 hours?

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  1. Ok my Lappy went off before I could finish typing the post....battery issues. The laptop is 7 years old, so it haff tried for me. It needs to retire.

    So i was saying I need someone to submit her face to me tomorrow or Saturday. Preferably someone dark-skinned, smooth face, and with good hair.

    Please send me bare-faced pics of yourself to or add me on Whatsapp to do that....08188403418.


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