Monday, 24 October 2016

PRODUCT REVIEW | Bath Kandy 'Luminous Exfoliating Bar' (Garri Scrub)

One of the skin products i bought at the 'Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference' is the Luminous exfoliating bar *also known as the 'Garri scrub'* from the Bath Kandy stand.

While walking around the exhibition area i was suddenly hit with a mix of very pleasant smells. I let my nose guide me, and so i found myself in front of the Bath Kandy stand.

Now, Bath Kandy is the first handcrafted, food-inspired, bath & body store in Nigeria. All their products are made of food *as in they are infused with real food ingredients* or inspired by food. Their candles looks like Cupcakes or Ice cream, some of their soaps look like in you have to stare at them for a long time and also touch them to be certain that they are not indeed ice-cream or cupcakes. Oh, and they smell 'ah-may-zing'!

I bought the 'Garri scrub' which is made of real Garri. It is a very moisturizing exfoliating scrub, and it is made of Almonds, Rice, Cocoa Butter, Garri *of course!* and a special blend of oils and butters. They must have done their homework while creating the blend of those oils and butters because the smell........oh the smell!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

B 'n D Makeover | 'Greenish'

The last time i beat my face was for the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference.....the last time i beat my face before that was like 3 years ago .... well, that's not true, but it seems that way.

So yesterday, out of the blues i whipped out my brushes and beat my face 'blue-black'....or rather 'green-red' *looool*.

Amoshine when amoshine

I'm really loving this deep shade of red lipstick. It's called 'Diva' by M.A.C, and if you follow this blog, you will notice that i've used it for quite a number of makeup looks.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

D.I.Y | Setting Spray

Seems like years ago when i published my last D.I.Y post.

I had totally forgotten about the pending 'Setting spray' post until i scrolled through my draft messages *yup, i have many of those*. That's where i saw it and my mouth hung could i have forgotten? And you people didn't even remind me sef *side-eyes*. Maybe it's not even important to you guys, but you know what? I'll just leave it here anyway whether you like it or not *clicks tongue*.

All you need to make your own Setting spray is a spray bottle, water and glycerine. That's all.
I bought a bottle of the Pure glycerine for about N1000, and the spray bottle cost about N150.

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference 2016 (In pictures)

Dearly beloved.....

This morning, i bring you pictures from the just concluded Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference. As usual, it was a raving success, and i was glad to have been a part of it.

The Speakers and facilitators were on point, and there were lots of new brands from different countries displaying and exhibiting their products.

There was quite a large number of attendees, and i'm sure they had an unforgettable experience. They gleaned knowledge from the professionals in the industry, asked them questions and got direct answers....that doesn't happen everyday you know.....and for free too!

*WARNING..... this is a picture heavy post*

Lets scroll through the pictures shall we?

Spot Doyin of  'Chloes Makeovers' wearing the black and white polka dots blouse and Adaobi of  'Dobzi Fingers' with the red shawl and the big smile.

Fatima Mamza started by showing us how to achieve a simple Nigerian bridal look. Her model was so beautiful...infact, there was a selection of very beautiful models for the demonstrations.

Fatima Mamza with the very beautiful body. I was so green with envy! loooool!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Show 'n Tell | Eye Brushes from Makeup Heaven

Hello everyone....

How's your day going? Happy independence holiday.

So i finally got myself a brush mat. If you remember, when i did a review of the brush egg i got at the makeup fair, i said i was going to get a brush mat to make wash-days easier. I got the brush mat from @makeupheavennigeria, and they were kind enough to gift me a set of eye brushes!

By the way, i made the brush holder myself.