Tuesday, 29 August 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Ovelly Naturals Herbal glow soap & Moisturizing Body Butter.

I love black soap.

The last black soap i ever used was Dudu Osun, but for the past 3 weeks, I've been using the Ovelly Naturals Herbal Glow Soap and Moisturizing Body Butter.

Ovelly Naturals is a Nigerian skin care brand, and i was sent the Body butter and the herbal glow soap. I was especially excited about the glow soap because it´s a black soap and its made from natural ingredients.

The soap comes in a 500grams plastic container with a screw-on lid. It has a sweet smell which i really like, and a little of this soap goes a long way. And i like the way it lathers as well.

Friday, 28 July 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Zaron Volumizing Mascara in ´Black Lash´.

I only use mascara on the days when i don't feel like wearing false lashes, and such days are far and in between.

The last mascara i used was the Maybelline Colossal mascara.....it was great, but i had a problem with the wand, it was too big. However, this post is not about the Maybelline mascara.

So the Zaron Volumizing Mascara in 'Black lash' was in the huge care package i received from Zaron Cosmetics months ago. Prior to that, i had never used it and i had only read one review about it. I had planned to buy one, but apparently God had other plans *Huge grin*.

I have used it enough to have an opinion about it, so here goes....

Monday, 24 July 2017

FACE BEAT | Blissful Blue

Yesterday, my one-on-one student didn't come for her training session so i decided to beat my face since i can't even remember the last time i did that.

You really get rusty if you stop practicing.....it took me longer than usual to complete this look. For the look i had in mind, it had to be a pop of blue or green...i settled for blue.

So i needed to try out metallic gold lips and i didn't have a lip colour in that shade, which meant that i had to improvise. I used a Milani lip flash i was gifted early this year and Sonia Kashuk highlighter to get the metallic lips.

Friday, 2 June 2017

FACE BEAT | Miss Fab

I just had to do another look with my KinkLashes. This time, 'Miss Fab' was the belle of the ball, and what a beautiful belle she was!

KinkLashes are bae! I dream about 'Pepper dem' and 'Mama di mama' sometimes *loool*.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

SWISSGOLDEN | How it works

Yes, Swissgolden posts will be a regular thing around here for now, since it's a business i've invested into and would like to carry some of you along with me as well.

In this post, i would explain in clear terms how the bonus program works.....

While some big companies churn out millions to advertising companies to put them out there, some companies like Swissgolden prefer to pay very attractive bonuses to individuals like you and me to work with them as advertising partners and get people to invest with them.

Now, in the bonus program, there are 5 tables...

The Starter table ( Register with 75euros)
The Preliminary table (Register with 220euros)
The Main table (Register with 720euros)
The VIP table (Register with 2,800euros)
The VIP plus table (Register with 9,850euros)

In Naira, the Starter table registration fee is N45,000 and the Preliminary table registration fee is N125,000. Most investors start from either of these two tables (Note that the fees are liable to change due to the fluctuating exchange rate).

So each of the tables are made up of 7 cells/slots, and once your table is complete, you are paid a bonus for your efforts.

NOTE : You are to complete at least 3 rounds of the Starter table, the Main table, the Vip table and the VIP plus table. This means that when you cycle out of the table once and you are paid, you are to cycle out of the table two more times. However, after the 3 rounds, you can remain on that table and earn over and over if you choose.


This is how....

When you sign up as a partner, you are obligated to bring two investors to sign up under you. Those two people will each bring their two, and their two will also bring two each as well. That completes the table you are heading and you get paid a handsome bonus.


The bonus you are paid depends on the table you complete.

When you complete the Starter table, you get paid 260euros.

When you complete the Preliminary table, you get paid 800euros, but you can't cash it out. The company takes 720euros from it and places you on the Main table where you start earning big. So in essence, the preliminary table helps you raise money to start the business on the main table since you don't have 720euros that you are not using *looool!*. However if you have 720euros, you can bypass the Starter and the Preliminary tables and then register and start directly on the main table.

When you complete the first round of the Main table (remember that you are to complete at least 3 rounds), you are paid 2,100euros which is about N1.1m. Complete the second round and cash out another 2,100euros (another N1.1m). Complete the third round and cash out 2,800euros.

After completing the 3 rounds of the main table, you can choose to remain on the main table and keep earning their bonus for life, but if you want, you can upgrade to the VIP table.

The next table is the VIP table. You place your order on the VIP table with the sum of 2,800euros ..... don't worry, you don't pay with your cash, the company takes it from your bonus just like they took 720euros out of your 800euros preliminary bonus to place you on the main table.

Now, when you complete the first round of the VIP table, you are paid about 9,300euros. Complete the second cycle and cash out another 9,300euros. Complete the third cycle and cash out yet another bonus of 9,300euros. All together, thats a total of 28,000euros which is about N14,616,000 *Trust me....some Nigerians like you and i have earned such amount from Swissgolden! Truth*.

Finally, you can upgrade to the VIP plus table (the mother of all tables!) with the sum of 9,850euros *remember that it is taken from your bonus*. When you complete the first cycle, you are paid a bonus of 32,600euros. Second round, another 32,600euros, third round and you cash out another 32,600....do the maths, thats a total of 98,000euros which is N51,156,000!!!

Please how much did you invest again? N125,000 abi?


Now, how fast you earn your bonus depends on how fast your tables get completed. If you get your two downlines and they are not so active, you can help them get their two downlines.....that way, you complete your table faster. Someone in Swissgolden (a banker) earned his first N1.1m in 3 days! Apparently, he knew a lot of people that were interested in investing in the business and he lined them up even before he signed up.

You can earn in 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months......it all depends on your pace as a team.

Oh, and if you sign up and lose interest along the way, Swissgolden refunds your money to you if you ask them to *they keep a little percentage though*.

If you are interested in investing into Swissgolden, send me a whatsapp message on 08062511430. People earn everyday from Swissgolden. The company has produced so many millionaires in Nigeria, you can be a part of it as well.

Have a good night...


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Sunday, 21 May 2017

FACE BEAT | Miss Saucy

I broke my record today.....

After doing my makeup, i took only 8 pictures under one minute. That's a first! Normally, i take about 50 pictures under 30 minutes *looool!*. Well, today, i didn't have that time because i was already running late for a party so i had to make it snappy. Thank goodness the pictures all turned out nice.

So the belle of the ball is KinkLash in 'Miss Saucy'. She's the reason why i unpacked my camera so that i could take pictures of the look and show you what she looks like on the eyes. That's why this look is named after her.

It was beautiful and light, and i got compliments about the lashes.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Show 'n Tell | Luxury Mink Lashes by KinkLash

So on Monday, Kink Lash launched their own brand of  Luxury faux mink lashes & Luxury mink lashes.

Beauty Kink (the online store) is also the brains behind Kink Lash *for the benefit of those who don't already know*. I was sent 3 of their lashes this afternoon, and i couldn't wait to show you guys! I got 'Mummy Yo!' , 'Miss Saucy' , and 'Miss Fab'.

The first time i saw a post about the Kink Lashes on Instagram, the first thing that caught my attention was the packaging.....so pretty and chic. I'm a sucker for nice packaging, and this one here is wonderful. The lashes came in a small box with a ribbon and there were pretty pink and white petals in the box.....they got me big time! *looooool!*.

Kink Lash comes in 13 different styles : Miss Bawsy, Miss Fab, Miss Saucy, Miss thing, Bad 'n Boujee, Baller, Bawse, Girlie O, Hot Sauce, Mama Di Mama, Mummy Yo!, Pepper Dem, and Spice.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

FACE BEAT | Campfire

I don't feel like making any excuses or explaining anything, so try and pretend like the last time you read from me was 3 days ago.

Are we good?

Ok then.

For this look, i used a lot of products from Zaron Cosmetics. This particular day, i did not want to beat my face. I did not want to do anything at all. It was a struggle. For the first time in my life, i eyed my makeup basket with disdain. Why can't i just read a book or watch more episodes of 'Modern Family'?

Well, i had to do what i had to do....besides, there were new Zaron goodies waiting for me to unpack and use 'em.

Also, this was one of the days when the pictures were bleh at first. I almost gave up and went to wash my face after the first 30 rubbish pictures, but nope......i was determined to make it work, i can't keep wasting makeup anyhow. About 30 pictures later it began to make sense, now i had pictures that i could post on the blog and Instagram.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Zaron giveaway competition

I hope you are having a lovely sunday...

So i received a huge box of goodies from Zaron Cosmetics some weeks ago.....there were soooo many products inside.

Yesterday, i announced a giveaway on Instagram.....all Zaron products.

Go check my instagram page for details about the giveaway and how to participate


I thought to announce it here as well so that everyone will be aware of the competition.

There will be just one winner and the lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday the 4th of April.

Good luck to all the participants!


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Friday, 17 March 2017

SWISSGOLDEN | Be the best...have the best.

Some big companies pay millions of Euros and Dollars to advertising companies to put their products out there and help them sell. Some other companies prefer to pay the millions to people like you and me to help them do the advertising and introduce new clients to their company.

Swissgolden is one of the companies that indulge in the bonus program kind of advertising. All they need you to do is register as an advertising partner and refer people to their company and you get paid a huge bonus. In Swissgolden, you invest once, then that investment plus your fulfillment of the company's requirement of you will open the door for your lifetime of financial freedom.

To survive in Nigeria, you can't have just one source of income. You are paid at your place of work and that money finishes in just a few weeks. It's even more difficult if you have a family. If you don't have a family yet, you can start earning big and putting money away for when you start your family. School fees isn't cheap! *loool*.

Someone made N200,000,000 (two hundred million naira) from Swissgolden in just two years......i kid you not! I can't say his name or post his picture for security reasons, but i know him personally.....it's not hearsay. But it didn't come easy. He worked hard for it, and is still working hard and making more money. How much of his physical cash did he invest into the business? Only 60k because back then dollar hadn't risen. Today, you can start by investing N140,000 or N50,000 (depending on the table you want to start from).

Most of you have the money to invest sitting idle in the bank.....why not send that money on an errand to triple your finances? Nobody gets wealthy by just saving money, you have to spend money to make money.

Swissgolden is work....nothing good comes easy. It's not like you pay 30k to a company and in two weeks they pay you 50k for doing nothing. Aren't you tired of investing your money in various ponzi schemes springing up here and there in which you win small today and loose big tomorrow? Ponzi schemes don't last, they only burn your fingers.

There was a Swissgolden conference at Abuja earlier this month. The director of the company was in Nigeria for the company as well as various leaders from other parts of the world. Almost everyone you will see in the pictures below are Swissgolden millionaires....

Thursday, 9 March 2017

FACE BEAT | Up in smoke

I won!

It wasn´t easy though, but i eventually smoked out my eyes. The struggle sha! This just goes to show that constant practice is very essential. No matter how good you are at what you do, if you fail to practice, you get rusty and you struggle. It wasn´t funny sha. Infact, i´ve concluded that smokey looks is no longer my favourite look of all time....i am now unapologetically #TeamNaturalMakeup

By the way, i was invited to a beauty brunch by Zaron Cosmetics on Monday, and while the introductions were going on, i realized that most of the beauty influencers in that room had Youtube channels, so i´m thinking that i should start mine this year as well. Videos are the main thing right now, we all know that most Nigerians people do not read. Most times, i feel like i just publish blog posts for the sake of it......i feel like my posts are not being read even though my page views are on a steady increase. That is why sometimes, i get discouraged and stop posting on the blog for a while, and then afterwards, i start again just because i´m passionate about what i do.

So, i have to learn how to edit videos and start my own channel #LordHelpMe.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Zaron ´Perfect Finish´setting spray

One product i almost cannot do without is the makeup setting spray.

There are so many brands out there, but the only one i have used so far is the L.A girl setting spray with the matte finish. I´ve even tried making my own setting spray from scratch *it worked, but it wasn´t the same thing with store-bought ones* I preferred the store-bought ones.

So i went and bought the one by Zaron Cosmetics. It´s called the Zaron perfect finish, and it´s serving me as well as i expect it to. It feels nice against my skin *like a cool relaxing spray* and it holds my makeup in place for as long as i wear it.

Do all setting sprays smell like rose water? I know the last one i owned did, and the Zaron perfect finish also has the same rose water smell..... that is what i don´t like about the product....the smell.

It says on the bottle that it can also be used as a refresher any time of the day. I do that sometimes and it feels so good especially if its a hot day.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

FACE BEAT | Plum vibes

So this morning, i woke up feeling very sick.

I lay in bed for 9 hours (7am -4;30pm) and eventually decided that only makeup will make me feel better, but the problem was i had to try to finish before 6pm so that i would still have a little bit of good lighting for my pictures.

I started off doing a smokey look, primed my eyes, used the black jumbo pencil eyeshadow and everything....but there was a big problem. I wasn´t blending it well. Infact, it seemed like i had totally forgotten how to properly blend smokey eyes *deep sigh*.

I can´t remember the last time i smoked out my eyes, and believe me, people get rusty if they don´t practice. Well, there was no time, and i already wasted about 20 minutes tying to make the smokey eyes work. I had to change the look real quick so spent another 5 minutes wiping off all the black. I totally forgot my Micellar water....that would have removed the black in just seconds, but i used baby wipes and my eyes smarted a lot afterwards.

Anyway, this is the look i thought up.... looks like what someone can wear to an award event like the AMVCA´s which i totally didn´t know was happening today! I almost missed it.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

What do you use to remove your makeup?

Up until when i bought the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing water, i was using the TARA makeup remover to clean my makeup *read review HERE*. The only problem i had wit the TARA cleanser was the oil residue it left behind on my face after all the makeup was removed...it was a lot of oil and i didn´t quite like it. Despite that fact, i was going to buy it again, but then i read about the Micellar Cleansing Water and it got me.

The first thing that got me was the cute bottles *some pink, some blue, some green*, then the reviews. People went on and on about how the Micellar Cleansing Water was a dirt magnet and lifts makeup like magic. Of course i had to see for myself....plus i was out of a makeup remover.

Friday, 24 February 2017


Today, i´m going to do something that i´ve never done before on this platform.

So there´s this business opportunity that was presented to me last year which i keyed into, and i´ve been sharing the opportunity with my family and friends as well so that they can benefit from it too. It is a networking business called ´SWISSGOLDEN´, have you heard about it?

If you just thought to yourself "Networking business? Errrr no, i´ll pass! " Then i perfectly understand you...i used to react that way too whenever i heard the word ´networking´. Also, if you were a ´victim´of the Ponzi scheme called MMM, then i´ll totally understand if you close this page right now *lool* .

First of all, i´ll have you understand that Swissgolden is NOT a Ponzi scheme.

What is a Ponzi scheme? A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator (an individual or an organization) pays returns to its investors from new capital which is paid to the operators by new investors rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources.

PRODUCT REVIEW | The ´Browlution´ pencil

I have used so many brow products. The fake N100 mac pencils, Jordana pencils, Davis pencils, Dimples pencils, Catch me pencils *Yep that´s a real brow pencil name....and it´s a really good pencil too!*, E.L.F brow kit, Zaron brow kit, BH Cosmetics brow kit. Then lately, i´ve been using either the Hegai & Esther brow gel or the TARA brow pencils in ´Brown´ or ´Dark brown´.

´Browlution´started trending on Instagram, and as usual, i wanted to know if the hype and all the good things being said was true.....plus, i like to try out Nigerian products.

The ´Browlution´pencil is made by the Yanga Beauty brand and it has been around for some months now. It is a retractable pencil just like M.A.C Cosmetics ´Spiked´ and ´Stud´ *i never bought those anyway*.

For the benefit of those who don´t know, Yanga Beauty is a Nigerian beauty brand. Isn´t it great how Nigerians are now doing well for themselves in the Makeup industry? New brands are springing up, and most of them are really good. Yanga Beauty also has a line of liquid lipsticks *I don´t have any of them yet, but i plan to get some to use and review and let you know what i think*. The Nigerian beauty industry is now making waves, and it´s indeed something to be very proud of.

Thursday, 23 February 2017


Have you noticed that my brows are never the same?

There are days when i want them thicker than usual, and other days i want them thin. Sometimes, i think only dark brows will do, and other times, if they are not light and natural-looking then whatever look i do won´t work. Oh, and on some ´off´days, they both look different *looool!*.

Today, they had to be thick, light and natural-looking.

I did not plan to do any  makeup look today, but this afternoon i had two free hours so i decided to make good use of them *yep.....doing makeup qualifies as ´good use´*.

I enjoyed taking photos of this look and i think it looks really nice.....it wasn´t like those times when the makeup is bomb but the selfies turn out dreadful ..... not every look makes it to the blog *sad face*. Those kind of days are just a waste of valuable time and expensive makeup.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Brush Wash & Brush Spray.......by Beauty Essentials by N´sure

Another reason why i have begun to look forward to wash days is the Organic tool wash and Natural tool spray by Beauty Essentials by N´sure.

These babies are bomb......for real!

Prior to getting these products, i used rubbing alcohol to spray my brushes, and i used kids hair shampoo for washing the brushes. They kind of got the job done back then, but these ones are much much better!

After i use the tool spray on my brushes, my eyes don´t sting when i use the brushes on my face like they do when i use the rubbing alcohol to spray them *you might have to read this sentence twice to understand it very well*. Also, the brushes dry very fast after spraying.

Monday, 20 February 2017

SHOW ´n TELL | Brush Mat

I´m unashamed to confess that i hate ´wash-days´ *any day i choose to wash my makeup brushes*. It drags on for more than an hour and the small brushes are the most annoying to wash.

I didn´t only hate it because of the amount of time it took.... i also hated it because i was either washing them by twirling them in the center of my palm *which had an unsettling tingling feeling*, or washing them with a brush egg *which was too small and took off a ridiculous chunk of time from my day*.

In my review of the brush egg HERE , i mentioned wanting to get a brush mat. Well, i did get one eventually, and now let me rephrase my previous statement...... "I used to hate wash-days" .

This mat has made wash-days a lot easier, and much more bearable!

It is a dupe for the Sigma wash mat.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

FACE BEAT | Blue hues

I think i´ve done this look years ago, or something very similar to it. Well, when you have been a beauty blogger for years, looks tend to repeat themselves....only they get better each time.

I was excited about doing this look for a couple of reasons.....I got to use the Browlution pencil i just got, and i also used the opportunity to test out some other new products i bought recently.
I´m still rocking my Faux Mink lashes in No. 14 sha *winks*.

I hope you don´t mind my posts being picture-heavy lately, i explained why on snapchat. By the way, if you are on snapchat and you are not following me yet, what on earth are you waiting for????? I bet you are following Bobrisky *evil side eye* .

Snap I.D : blushes.dimples

Saturday, 18 February 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | E.L.F Mineral Face Primer

For a long time, i´ve only used the Boots No 7 primer or the Marykay face primer. Ok, confession.... sometimes, i don´t even use a primer at all *Did you gasp? Loool!*. I have a couple of reasons though......

First of all, what does a face primer do? They fill in the pores and create a smooth and even surface for your foundation, and they help the makeup last long on your face.

The thing is.....most of my makeup looks are just for the blog so i beat my face, take pictures and wash it all off. Since primers are supposed to help the makeup last long, what is the need since i wash it all off after pictures?

Secondly, i have a very smooth and even face, no visible pores to fill with a primer. No fine-lines either. I just apply my foundation and viola...there´s a flawless finish! Since primers are supposed to create a smooth surface and i already have that, what is the need?

And then when i have to wear makeup for hours for an event, i forget to use the primer for long-lasting beat *because i´m so used to working without a primer*, yet somehow my make-up lasts all day and i still get compliments on how nice the beat looks....i´m blessed with good skin #ThankGod.

My sister gave me this E.L.F Mineral Face Primer and i´ve used it for a number of face-beats.

It comes in a small opaque bottle with a clear plastic cover. Product is dispensed through a pump which you can unscrew to check the quantity of product you have remaining in the bottle since you can´t see through the opaque container. Some people complain that after a while, their pumps stop dispensing though.

Friday, 17 February 2017

BEAUTY TALK | Makeup Artist Hygiene

I´ve been wanting to write this post for a long time now, but somehow i keep putting it off.

If you are a makeup artist, then you should read this post. Infact, you should book-mark it or copy and paste it somewhere. Yes, it IS that important.

What are we talking about today?............

When we talk about Makeup Artist Hygiene, what´s the first thing that comes to your mind? Your brushes and tools right? Well, i´ll have you know right now that your brushes and tools are not the only things you need to keep clean in our line of work. It´s very essential that as a makeup artist whose work requires you to be within very close proximity of another person, you should pay attention to your hygiene and be very very neat.

Monday, 13 February 2017

FACE BEAT | Valentines inspired beat

I´m not sure i´ve ever done a Valentines-inspired makeup look. 

At first, i was confused about what colours to combine ..... frankly, i didn´t want red because purple is my colour of love. At the same time, i wanted to keep it simple *hence the very light brows* . I almost left the eyes bare, but the last minute i thought i should try out the Sonia Kashuk highlighter as an eyeshadow to see how it would work....it did.

So that´s my simple Valentines day glam up there paired with red lips because i didn´t have the shade of purple i wanted . Do you think purple would have looked better?

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Tales Of A Nigerian Mum | Bullies....big bullies!

I loved my primary school *i went to The Fountain School at Surulere, Lagos* and I have some good memories from those years, but I also remember being bullied a couple of times by a classmate or two.....i hated it back then, I hate it even more now.

So imagine my mortification when I went to pick the kids up from school today and Dindu came out looking all sweaty and miserable. I asked him what was wrong and he said a boy in his class hit his eye. He tried to fight back *which explains all the sweat* but the boy apparently had the upper-hand and hit his other eye. I was mad! I immediately went back into the school and asked to speak with the boy, but one of the teachers said he was already handling the matter so I shouldn't bother. I went on home but I plan to have a talk with the school authorities, the boy and their class teacher tomorrow.

I detest bullies!

They are hurtful and mean. They make other people feel hurt, scared and embarrassed. Some bullies come from families where everyone is angry or shouting all the time, so it makes them feel it's normal to act that way. They think it's normal to push people around and hurt them with their words and actions.

There are so many kid-bullies and these kid-bullies grow into adult bullies. Those are some of the worst kind of people, and they are everywhere! They are at the office as unnecessarily wicked superiors. They are online as cyber-bullies. They are on the roads as drivers who cut you off in traffic, bash your car and then try to shout you down. They are everywhere!

See, if your child is a bully, IT . IS . NOTHING . TO . BE . PROUD . OF! Nip it in the bud right now! There's a difference between your child standing up for himself or herself and your child being a little terrorist....terrorizing his or her classmates or any other kids they meet anywhere. Do your research on what to do if your child is a bully and put a stop to that horrible character.

Two summers ago, Dindu was enrolled for swimming lessons. During one of our pool sessions, Dindu and his sisters were splashing around in the pool while waiting for the instructor to come. Then a boy who looked a year or two older than Dindu came and jumped into the pool and made his way to Dindu. Next thing I saw, this child was trying to push and hold Dindu  down in the water! He tried the first time and Dindu wiggled out and away from his reach. He went for my boy again and I saw the fear in Dindu's eyes as he tried as much as possible to stay away from the little bully. This boy didn't know my son from Adam, but he felt it was okay to treat him that way? No, He was not playing with Dindu.... he was bullying him! He kept going for Dindu and Dindu kept wading fast away from him, it was obvious that he wasn't having fun anymore, he had become really uncomfortable. I was so upset, but I sat and watched them intently.I made up my mind right there that if that boy touched my child one more time, I would pull him right out of that pool and whoop his ass very hard.....i didn't care who or what his parents were!

I now teach my kids to stand up for themselves if any child bullies them. Most times, I encourage them to report to their teachers or any adult in sight, but other times I tell them to fight back hard! *no apologies* however, I have warned them not to go out of their way to look for anyone's trouble.

I give my kids pep-talks telling them how brave and strong they are. I tell them not to be scared of anyone. Sometimes I tell them to ignore bullies and not give them attention, but other times I encourage them to stand tall and fight back if the bullies are relentless. Perhaps, if they end up beating up the bully, he or she would have learned a lesson and not bother my child again *i might be using a wrong approach, but excuse me don't you dare bully my child*

Has your child ever being bullied? How did you handle the situation?


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FACE BEAT | Earth-tones

Good morning beauties.....

I think the new look of the blog is growing on me....i´m beginning to like it.

So i finally did my first look of the year... and i´m really loving it, but first, can i gush about how much i love these lashes? Oh my God! They´re too gorgeous for words! Yeah they are the same lashes i did a ´Show ´n Tell´post about in this post.

They are just as full and as long as i love my lashes to be. No need to stack them...one pair is perfect *except you want the ´va-va-voom´ factor*.

So for this look, i went for earth-tones which happens to be my best kind of makeup look after the smokey eyes and nude lips combo. I took a lot of pictures because yesterday was that kind of day when the natural lighting (the sun) and my camera agreed with each other, so the result was about 50 pictures which i managed to reduce to 10 amidst a lot of ´oooooh-ing´ and ´aaaaaah-ing´ .

The point of all this explanation is that i´m just going to post all the pictures like that....no vex.

You´ve probably noticed by now that i love wearing hoop earrings....That´s right! So you´ll be seeing them a lot in most of my facebeat posts.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

MUA alert! Zircon Beauty

Hello beauties......

Remember when we used to do the 'MUA Alert' segment? Yeah, that is coming back. It never really went away.......it's just that Makeup artists in other states stopped sending their portfolios to be published, so it kinda stalled the segment. 

If you are a Makeup artist in other states (or even countries), please feel free to contact me to get your brand showcased on this platform. I can't count the number of times people send me chats asking me if i know makeup artists in other states.

So i'm starting the segment again by introducing you to a makeup company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria called 'Zircon Beauty'. The company is owned by Chidera Emeruwa who also happens to be my very beautiful cousin *there's a very large smile on my face right now*.

Chidera Emeruwa


Zircon Beauty is a company born out of passion. We are a unique makeup artistry brand providing professional makeup artistry services as well as makeup consultation. What makes us stand out is the way we view makeup as being an enhancement of one's personal beauty rather than trying to look like another. Thus we strive to make every single client a gorgeous version of themselves. Also, exceptional customer service is something we highly prioritise. We are currently based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Show 'n Tell | Faux Mink No 14 Eyelashes

I love lashes.

I'm a sucker for long full lashes. For me, it's the fuller...the better!

So last week, i was scrolling through my blackberry contacts updates when i saw these lashes. Cheechee had displayed these very beautiful lashes on her DP, and i couldn't just scroll past.

How could i just scroll past? Look at them!

I pinged her immediately to ask if they were available and for how much. She told me, an i placed my order for delivery the very next day.

They were delivered, and i just love them. Look how long, full and lush they are!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Hello babes......

The thing about makeup products , tools, and makeup application methods is that they keep evolving. There are always new trends to keep up with. Remember when there was the ‘Ben Nye banana powder’ and the ‘Sacha buttercup setting powder’ rave? Then came the craze about ‘baking’ our faces. The Beauty Blender sponge also came out and everyone just had to have it…now, it’s the SiliSponge!

The Molly Cosmetics brand in Hong-Kong created the SiliSponge, and it has sold out and re-stocked about 8 times already! It is made out of silicone, and it is cruelty-free and paraben-free.

The first time i saw a video of the Silisponge on Instagram, i thought it was very silly. I think i even hissed out loud sef, but then, i went ahead and bought one for the sake of a review for my loyal blog readers.

·         I expected the sponge to be bigger than it actually is, but it’s quite small and fits into the palm of my hand.

·         It’s not actually a sponge, so I don’t understand why it’s called that. Isn’t a sponge supposed to soak in products? This one doesn’t do that, so it’s not exactly a sponge.

·         It is really smooth and bouncy.  The silicone is inside while the outer part is made of thermoplastic polyurethane which is a flexible plastic that is resistant to oil and grease.

Friday, 6 January 2017

B 'n D Makeover | New year's look

Ok, that's a lie.....

It's a Christmas look, but i had to choose between this one and that one i posted on Christmas day. That other one won, but i didn't want to waste this one, so let's just pretend that it's the new year's look shall we?

Thank you...

This is probably the makeover post with the smallest number of pictures i have ever published. What? Only three?! *looool*.

That day, i had finished the first look with gold eyelids and green waterlines and i had finished taking pictures, so i decided to do this other green one. All i had to do was pack green eyeshadow on top of the gold one. That's why you can see the gold peeking out from underneath the green in the picture.....i think the effect is gorgeous!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Hegai & Esther foundation and powder

We are already 4 days into the year, and i haven't really gone out of my way to wish anyone a happy new year..... Oh, i'm cool with everyone, it's just laziness *loool!*.

Happy 2017 everyone!!!!!

So for a long time now, ever since there was a mass production (fakes) of  my beloved Marykay foundations, i began the search for another good foundation. I got BlackUp which was of course very good but also quite expensive, so i had to search further. I got Milani which i didn't really like the finishing so my search wasn't quite over.

Imagine my joy when Hegai & Esther announced the launch of their foundations and other makeup products. I was joyful and very hopeful because hey, it was Hegai & Esther! The makers of the wonderful Hegai & Esther brow gel......so i had a feeling that this was it!

For the benefit of those who don't know, Hegai & Esther is a Nigerian brand......a popular Nigerian brand. They recently launched a line of makeup products. Prior to that, they were mainly known for producing and selling tools for makeup and tools that promote makeup hygiene.