Friday, 20 January 2017

Show 'n Tell | Faux Mink No 14 Eyelashes

I love lashes.

I'm a sucker for long full lashes. For me, it's the fuller...the better!

So last week, i was scrolling through my blackberry contacts updates when i saw these lashes. Cheechee had displayed these very beautiful lashes on her DP, and i couldn't just scroll past.

How could i just scroll past? Look at them!

I pinged her immediately to ask if they were available and for how much. She told me, an i placed my order for delivery the very next day.

They were delivered, and i just love them. Look how long, full and lush they are!

They are soft and light as well, and the quality is just fab.

Just imagine what they'll look like when stacked

Gone are the days when i used to shy away from long lashes. Back then, if they were longer than my natural lashes, then they weren't for me *looooool*. Now, i can't stack them enough....2, 3 even 4 sometimes.

I can't wait to work with these beauties. I'll definately create a new look with them next week.

In other news, Dinma Umeh is baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I'm so glad she's back and better now. Visit her blog to get answers to all your question about where she's been. We missed her!




N2,000 (Available for wholesale as well)


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