Friday, 17 February 2017

BEAUTY TALK | Makeup Artist Hygiene

I´ve been wanting to write this post for a long time now, but somehow i keep putting it off.

If you are a makeup artist, then you should read this post. Infact, you should book-mark it or copy and paste it somewhere. Yes, it IS that important.

What are we talking about today?............

When we talk about Makeup Artist Hygiene, what´s the first thing that comes to your mind? Your brushes and tools right? Well, i´ll have you know right now that your brushes and tools are not the only things you need to keep clean in our line of work. It´s very essential that as a makeup artist whose work requires you to be within very close proximity of another person, you should pay attention to your hygiene and be very very neat.

In this line of work, i´ve come across a lot of people who do not care about their cleanliness. See, no matter how great your work is, if you are not clean, you will leave a bad taste in your client´s mouth and she won´t require your services anymore or even recommend you to others because she wouldn´t want to be tortured that way again go through that again.

You get to stand close to your client, you get to speak to her, you get to bend in front of her and you also get to touch her face. So today, we´ll be talking about the 4 things you really should keep clean.......

  • Hair
  • Body
  • Mouth
  • Hands

Always make sure that your hair is clean and doesn´t smell....don´t carry your hair for weeks without washing it or at least cleaning it up. If you don´t, it´s going to ooze and your client is going to get really uncomfortable. If you are sporting braids, clean your braids with alcohol/spirit and then spray it with a nice smelling hair spray. If you wear wigs, make sure they are clean and do not smell, and make sure the hair underneath the wig is clean as well. You are are going to be in her space for about 45 minutes and also bending over to pick up products, don´t make her miserable and nauseous the whole time.... it doesn´t come with the package she paid for.

Take a shower, use your deodorant, a body spray and a nice perfume you like. Don´t wear dirty clothes that stink of dried stale sweat and don´t wear a dirty bra either. They are going to smell, and she won´t like that. It won´t help your rep as a makeup artist....don´t go and embarrass yourself biko! You may choose to wear a branded t-shirt representing your company, if you don´t have that, just dress smartly but make sure the clothes don´t smell.

I think the worst of them all is going to work with a smelly mouth. Infact, scratch that.....none is better than the other. Most of the time, you have to speak to your client , "Please look up", "Please open your eyes", "Close your eyes" and other stuff. Your client won´t like it if you speak into her face with a smelly mouth. So, please practice and maintain your oral hygiene diligently. Ask your friends if your mouth smells, the brutally honest ones will tell you. If you don´t want to ask them, cup your palms to your face, speak into them and sniff...then you would know. Another way is by licking the back of your hand, let the saliva dry and then sniff. If you find out that you have mouth odour, then please do something about it. But in the meantime, use breath spray and breath mints (Peppermint, Tom-tom, vicks lemon drops) when you go to work.

Lastly, your hands. Always have a hand-sanitizer in your makeup box or bag. You have to try to prevent the spread of bacteria on your client´s face. If you don´t have a sanitizer, wash your hands before you begin. I like to use fragranced hand-sanitizers because the smell lingers and my hands smell good for a while. Sometimes, i use a little perfume on the pulse-points of my wrists. Your client would love that.

Like i mentioned earlier....this is a very important topic. If you are an up-coming artist (or even an old-time artist), you would do well to adhere to these points. Some clients react negatively to dirtiness and smell, and like i said before, no matter how great your work is, this can be a deal-breaker for you.

Alight then....thank you for your time.....


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  1. Well written. Some people need to read this. Thanks alot

  2. Thank you for this. Every makeup artist needs to read this writeup. I have encountered the smelling hair and smelling mouth makeup artists. It was not good at all. I hope they learn from this.


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