Monday, 13 February 2017

FACE BEAT | Valentines inspired beat

I´m not sure i´ve ever done a Valentines-inspired makeup look. 

At first, i was confused about what colours to combine ..... frankly, i didn´t want red because purple is my colour of love. At the same time, i wanted to keep it simple *hence the very light brows* . I almost left the eyes bare, but the last minute i thought i should try out the Sonia Kashuk highlighter as an eyeshadow to see how it would did.

So that´s my simple Valentines day glam up there paired with red lips because i didn´t have the shade of purple i wanted . Do you think purple would have looked better?

It´s funny when you want to buy a particular shade of lipstick and someone comes and says to you "But you already have 3 purple lipsticks". How don´t they get that there are about 50 shades of purple lipsticks and you just have to buy all of them????  Yeah, because one day you might want to wear a plum purple lipstick and another day only an eggplant purple will do. Some other day, you have the byzantium purple on your mind and the next time you will want to wear a mulberry get it now?

Not the shade of purple i wanted



TARA brow pencil in ´Light brown´
Jordana brow gel
L.A Girl ProConceal in ´Toffee´


Elf face primer
Hegai & Esther foundation in ´Carrot´
L.A Girl ProConceal in ´Toffee´ to highlight 
Hegai & Esther face powder in ´Nutmeg 2´
Sacha buttercup setting powder
Sleek face blush in ´Flushed´
Zaron face definer palette in ´Z30´
Sonia Kashuk face highlighter


Sonia Kashuk highlighter as eyeshadow
Light purple matte eyeshadow from my Morphe palette
Zaron gel eyeliner in ´Jazz´
Sonia Kashuk highlighter for browbone.


M.A.C lipstick in ´Diva´

You can re-create this simple glam for your date´s not over the top and not too minimal either.

Have a lovely Valentines day celebration tomorrow.... don´t forget to spread the love


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  1. Thanks for this ma.Please is there an email to which I can send my trials so you could see them? Happy valentine's day celebration to you and yours!

    1. You can send to

      Happy valentines day.


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