Friday, 24 February 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | The ´Browlution´ pencil

I have used so many brow products. The fake N100 mac pencils, Jordana pencils, Davis pencils, Dimples pencils, Catch me pencils *Yep that´s a real brow pencil name....and it´s a really good pencil too!*, E.L.F brow kit, Zaron brow kit, BH Cosmetics brow kit. Then lately, i´ve been using either the Hegai & Esther brow gel or the TARA brow pencils in ´Brown´ or ´Dark brown´.

´Browlution´started trending on Instagram, and as usual, i wanted to know if the hype and all the good things being said was, i like to try out Nigerian products.

The ´Browlution´pencil is made by the Yanga Beauty brand and it has been around for some months now. It is a retractable pencil just like M.A.C Cosmetics ´Spiked´ and ´Stud´ *i never bought those anyway*.

For the benefit of those who don´t know, Yanga Beauty is a Nigerian beauty brand. Isn´t it great how Nigerians are now doing well for themselves in the Makeup industry? New brands are springing up, and most of them are really good. Yanga Beauty also has a line of liquid lipsticks *I don´t have any of them yet, but i plan to get some to use and review and let you know what i think*. The Nigerian beauty industry is now making waves, and it´s indeed something to be very proud of.

Now, i like my pencils sharpened to a pointed tip because that way, i can achieve neat and natural-looking brows without any hassles. So when i saw the ´Browlution´ pictures all over Instagram, i was concerned about the fact that the pencil cannot be sharpened *since it´s the retractable kind*, so i was wondering how it would work in achieving the light and natural kind of brows.

However, i observed that some artists were making it work, so why couldn´t i? So i went ahead and placed my order.

It turns out that i was worried about nothing because sharpened or not, the pencil is just perfect and draws the kind of brows i like!

The packaging is really cute and it´s slimmer than most pencils. Infact, it comes in a super-slim tube and the pencil itself is even slimmer *that´s why it doesn´t need to be sharpened*... and i like that a lot.

The ´Browlution´ pencil is not creamy or´s not too dry or chalky either. It´s just right.

Another thing i like about the pencil is the fact that it has a spoolie on the other end. Spoolies are essential because we use it to brush out the brow hairs and blend out any harsh pencil lines, hereby making the brows look as natural as possible . The ´Browlution´ spoolie is smaller than the normal spoolie we usually have. I even prefer the size of this spoolie to the other spoolies.....i think it does a better job.

Ok, i´m going to be using this pencil a lot...that´s for sure! I drew these brows with the ´Browlution´ pencil. They are not too light or too dark. They are just accurate. Just the way i like ´em.....most times *winks*.



N4,500 - N4,600 (depends on the seller)

Have a wonderful day...


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  1. I have heard so much about this pencil, it seems like that´s what everyone is using on instagram these days. Thank you for such a detailed review. Now i can order my own too. By the way, you are on fire recently, churning out post after post. Please let it continue like this abeg.

    1. Some months are like that.....loool! I can only try. *kilzzes*

    2. AMEN AND AMEN @anon. Make em continue this way o

  2. I think the price is too ridiculous #my opinion ...Jordana retractable pencil can do same too

  3. I love how natural the brows look .Same with all the others I've seen on Instagram but the price is err.. for me.

  4. i love that it looks good on you but it won't work on all skin tones

  5. I love your review! I ran out of my nyx microbrow pencil in brunette which was AMAZING! I searched everywhere for it and didn't find it. I discovered the yanga beauty in browlution which is about the same price as the nyx when converted, but I've not been able to take the bold step! I feel like I have to actually be present to get it and not just place an order. I'll probably end up getting it because the reviews have been amazing.

  6. Omg! I forgot to mention that I simply adore your eye makeup.


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