Tuesday, 21 February 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Brush Wash & Brush Spray.......by Beauty Essentials by N´sure

Another reason why i have begun to look forward to wash days is the Organic tool wash and Natural tool spray by Beauty Essentials by N´sure.

These babies are bomb......for real!

Prior to getting these products, i used rubbing alcohol to spray my brushes, and i used kids hair shampoo for washing the brushes. They kind of got the job done back then, but these ones are much much better!

After i use the tool spray on my brushes, my eyes don´t sting when i use the brushes on my face like they do when i use the rubbing alcohol to spray them *you might have to read this sentence twice to understand it very well*. Also, the brushes dry very fast after spraying.

I also use the tool wash to soak and wash my beauty blenders. I just put enough water to soak the beauty blender in a small bowl and add a little quantity of the tool wash to the water and then i squeeze and rub the beauty blender until it´s clean. this doesn´t take time at all, and the tool wash does a very good job!

My best part of these products is the smell! I´m very particular about smells and if something doesn´t smell good, no matter how effective it is, i ain´t using it plixxx *I don´t want something that will be turning my stomach upandan*.

They both smell like bubble gum and it´s really nice. I especially love the fact that the smell lingers in the room and on the brushes as well....as in, really lingers. While working on Sunday afternoon, i used the tool spray to quickly sanitize some of my brushes, and the balcony continued to smell sweet long after i was done. All 3 of my kids commented on how something was smelling like bubble gum.

The next day, my brushes were still smelling sweet.....isn´t that cool?

Use the brush wash or spray to get your brushes ready the day before you go for a makeup job. Your clients would love it.

I got the sample 30ml bottles, but they only come in 100ml for sale. It´s a really good buy, and i recommend it for your makeup brushes.




N2,500 each

Have a great day.....


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