Saturday, 18 February 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | E.L.F Mineral Face Primer

For a long time, i´ve only used the Boots No 7 primer or the Marykay face primer. Ok, confession.... sometimes, i don´t even use a primer at all *Did you gasp? Loool!*. I have a couple of reasons though......

First of all, what does a face primer do? They fill in the pores and create a smooth and even surface for your foundation, and they help the makeup last long on your face.

The thing is.....most of my makeup looks are just for the blog so i beat my face, take pictures and wash it all off. Since primers are supposed to help the makeup last long, what is the need since i wash it all off after pictures?

Secondly, i have a very smooth and even face, no visible pores to fill with a primer. No fine-lines either. I just apply my foundation and viola...there´s a flawless finish! Since primers are supposed to create a smooth surface and i already have that, what is the need?

And then when i have to wear makeup for hours for an event, i forget to use the primer for long-lasting beat *because i´m so used to working without a primer*, yet somehow my make-up lasts all day and i still get compliments on how nice the beat looks....i´m blessed with good skin #ThankGod.

My sister gave me this E.L.F Mineral Face Primer and i´ve used it for a number of face-beats.

It comes in a small opaque bottle with a clear plastic cover. Product is dispensed through a pump which you can unscrew to check the quantity of product you have remaining in the bottle since you can´t see through the opaque container. Some people complain that after a while, their pumps stop dispensing though.

The primer in itself is a clear gel that has a somehow strong chemical smell. It is not offensive to me, but if you react to certain chemical smells, you might not like the smell of this primer. But the good thing is that the smell doesn´t wears off after about 30 seconds or so.

The primer is really soft and has a smooth velvety feel when you apply it on your skin with your hands.....somewhat like the surface of a really smooth paper. It doesn´t feel like a gel or a cream. it´s not sticky, it actually feels really good! When i apply primer, i do so with my fingers....using a brush or a beauty blender tends to waste my products, and you know how expensive these things have become #SayNoToWaste.

It actually fills in the pores and fine lines like it says on the bottle. Even though my skin doesn´t really need a primer, i notice a visible difference when i use them....this one inclusive.

The E.L.F Mineral Face Primer is lightweight and it blends easily leaving your face matte. My face isn´t oily, so i don´t know how effective it is in blocking out oil, but some reviews i´ve read states that it does a good job at that.

Some people also say that it breaks them out (acne).....i think it´s because of the silicone *it´s silicone based*. I don´t have that problem.

If you are well into makeup, then you would know that a primer can either make or break your end-results. Yes, i can do well without a primer, but it´s an essential must-have for your makeup kit / box. Be sure to get one.




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