Monday, 20 February 2017

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I´m unashamed to confess that i hate ´wash-days´ *any day i choose to wash my makeup brushes*. It drags on for more than an hour and the small brushes are the most annoying to wash.

I didn´t only hate it because of the amount of time it took.... i also hated it because i was either washing them by twirling them in the center of my palm *which had an unsettling tingling feeling*, or washing them with a brush egg *which was too small and took off a ridiculous chunk of time from my day*.

In my review of the brush egg HERE , i mentioned wanting to get a brush mat. Well, i did get one eventually, and now let me rephrase my previous statement...... "I used to hate wash-days" .

This mat has made wash-days a lot easier, and much more bearable!

It is a dupe for the Sigma wash mat.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS... was smaller than i expected, but i liked the fact that it has different kinds of ridges for different functions....The heart-shaped ridges for washing face brushes. The ´X-shaped ridges for washing eye brushes. The dash-lines ridges for rinsing the face brushes. The wavy-lines ridges for rinsing eye brushes. The dotted, straight-line and the spiral ridges for refining the brushes *whatever that means*.

A closer look at the ridges

I´m just glad that i don´t need to hold the mat in my has small suction caps or whatever they are called which help to stick the mat on any surface. So i just stick it to the insides of the sink and then wash my brushes by twirling them on it *after adding brush shampoo to the bristles of course!*.

This mat is smaller than the Sigma mat, and it seems like it only comes in purple. I really like it, and it has made wash-days much more bearable for me *ok, i already said that*.






Have a good night.....


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