Friday, 24 February 2017


Today, i´m going to do something that i´ve never done before on this platform.

So there´s this business opportunity that was presented to me last year which i keyed into, and i´ve been sharing the opportunity with my family and friends as well so that they can benefit from it too. It is a networking business called ´SWISSGOLDEN´, have you heard about it?

If you just thought to yourself "Networking business? Errrr no, i´ll pass! " Then i perfectly understand you...i used to react that way too whenever i heard the word ´networking´. Also, if you were a ´victim´of the Ponzi scheme called MMM, then i´ll totally understand if you close this page right now *lool* .

First of all, i´ll have you understand that Swissgolden is NOT a Ponzi scheme.

What is a Ponzi scheme? A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator (an individual or an organization) pays returns to its investors from new capital which is paid to the operators by new investors rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources.

Swiss golden is a company that deals in the purchase and storing of pure gold. Their administrative office is in the UK (88 Wood Street, London UK) , and they have information centres in Russia (St Petersburg, 3 Mir street) and Germany (konigstrasse 10 C, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany), and they partner with the UBS world bank for the storage of your gold.

So apart from the selling and storage of gold which is their main business at the Swissgolden company, They also have a Bonus Program in which people register with them as advertising partners.
When you register with the company as an advertising partner, the company pays you a bonus for seeking out and bringing new clients to the company as well. Swissgolden pays their partners their bonus from the profit / turnover they get from selling their gold *so it is not a ponzi scheme*.

Do you know that there are actually genuine and authentic MLM (Multi level marketing) companies just as there are the ´other´ kinds as well? Swissgolden is nothing like MMM.....not at all, rather it is one of the genuine MLMs we have in the country today, and it´s represented in about 73 other countries.

Do you know that you can keep your bank job or wherever it is you work and still make a lot of money on the side? *Some Swissgolden partners earn more money from Swissgolden than they do at their day jobs......for real*.

Do you know that you can even work from home and make a lot of money as well?

I´ve never done any networking business because i didn´t have the strength for it, but this is an investment that is very authentic and has even been taken to National house of Assembly in Abuja. I have never done any MLM business even though i´ve heard of so many of them. The first time i heard about Swissgolden was about 2 years ago, but as usual, i shunned the opportunity and moved on with my life.......big mistake....huge one! Now, people i know who registered back then have earned not less than N2million each from the business, and they are still earning!

The last time i attended a Swissgolden seminar at Unilag in January, there were people from different professions in attendance....Civil servants, bankers, etc, because in this Nigeria of today, you can not only depend on one source of income.

Don´t let the fear of the crash and failure of ponzi schemes cheat you out of a golden opportunity that will tun your life around.

If you are interested in being an advertising partner and want to learn more about the business, please call or whatsapp 08188403418. If you would like to chat instead, add me up on 5EED5025.


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