Saturday, 4 March 2017

FACE BEAT | Plum vibes

So this morning, i woke up feeling very sick.

I lay in bed for 9 hours (7am -4;30pm) and eventually decided that only makeup will make me feel better, but the problem was i had to try to finish before 6pm so that i would still have a little bit of good lighting for my pictures.

I started off doing a smokey look, primed my eyes, used the black jumbo pencil eyeshadow and everything....but there was a big problem. I wasn´t blending it well. Infact, it seemed like i had totally forgotten how to properly blend smokey eyes *deep sigh*.

I can´t remember the last time i smoked out my eyes, and believe me, people get rusty if they don´t practice. Well, there was no time, and i already wasted about 20 minutes tying to make the smokey eyes work. I had to change the look real quick so spent another 5 minutes wiping off all the black. I totally forgot my Micellar water....that would have removed the black in just seconds, but i used baby wipes and my eyes smarted a lot afterwards.

Anyway, this is the look i thought up.... looks like what someone can wear to an award event like the AMVCA´s which i totally didn´t know was happening today! I almost missed it.

Well, the sun did go down, and i no longer had good lighting for my pictures. I just kept on clicking away, i said even if they weren´t fine, i would post them here like that. This is an example of the kind of look that doesn´t make it to the blog....but this one did anyway.

They are manageable right? Alright then.



´Browlution´by Yanga beauty
L.A Girl ProConceal in ´Toffee´


E.L.F mineral face primer
Hegai & Esther foundation in ´Carrot´
L.A Girl ProConceal in ´Toffee´
Hegai & Esther face powder in ´Nutmeg 2´
Sacha buttercup setting powder
Black radiance face blush in ´Spiced Ginger´
Zaron face definer in ´Z30´
Sonia Kashuk face highlighter 


NYX eyeshadow base in ´Skintone´
Purple an plum matte eyeshadows from Morphe 35N palette
E.L.F eyeshadow in ´Soiree´
Zaron eyeliner gel in ´Jazz´
Sonia kashuk highlighter for browbone
Faux mink lashes in No. 14


Zaron lip liner in ´Vivid¨
Color pop lippie stix in ´Leather´
Victoria´s secret lip gloss as a lip topper

Alright, let me concentrate on the AMVCA......

Have a good night....


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  1. wow!!!! Slayed! fit for the AMVCA too! Perfect!!!!!!!!


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