Wednesday, 8 March 2017

PRODUCT REVIEW | Zaron ´Perfect Finish´setting spray

One product i almost cannot do without is the makeup setting spray.

There are so many brands out there, but the only one i have used so far is the L.A girl setting spray with the matte finish. I´ve even tried making my own setting spray from scratch *it worked, but it wasn´t the same thing with store-bought ones* I preferred the store-bought ones.

So i went and bought the one by Zaron Cosmetics. It´s called the Zaron perfect finish, and it´s serving me as well as i expect it to. It feels nice against my skin *like a cool relaxing spray* and it holds my makeup in place for as long as i wear it.

Do all setting sprays smell like rose water? I know the last one i owned did, and the Zaron perfect finish also has the same rose water smell..... that is what i don´t like about the product....the smell.

It says on the bottle that it can also be used as a refresher any time of the day. I do that sometimes and it feels so good especially if its a hot day.

You should hold it a few inches away from your face and spray all over your face in a circular motion, and please be sure to close your eyes as you do so. It dries really fast as well.

If my makeup happens to look cakey when i´m done, the finishing/setting spray calms it down and makes it look better......and the effect is immediate.

I like the spray despite the rose water smell....but if they could make it smell nicer, that would be fab!


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