Tuesday, 25 April 2017

FACE BEAT | Campfire

I don't feel like making any excuses or explaining anything, so try and pretend like the last time you read from me was 3 days ago.

Are we good?

Ok then.

For this look, i used a lot of products from Zaron Cosmetics. This particular day, i did not want to beat my face. I did not want to do anything at all. It was a struggle. For the first time in my life, i eyed my makeup basket with disdain. Why can't i just read a book or watch more episodes of 'Modern Family'?

Well, i had to do what i had to do....besides, there were new Zaron goodies waiting for me to unpack and use 'em.

Also, this was one of the days when the pictures were bleh at first. I almost gave up and went to wash my face after the first 30 rubbish pictures, but nope......i was determined to make it work, i can't keep wasting makeup anyhow. About 30 pictures later it began to make sense, now i had pictures that i could post on the blog and Instagram.

By the way how does Lightroom work sef? *or perhaps i should stick with my teeny-weeny editing so that my pics look exactly as they look on my face*.

Zaron cosmetics products are amazing biko! Just stay tuned for reviews that will surely come. For the eyes, after using the Zaron trio palette, i used just a little black matte eyeshadow to darken the crease.

Nigerian brands are doing great things...i'm so proud!



Browlution pencil
L.A Girl ProConceal in 'Toffee'


ELF mineral face primer
Hegai & Esther foundation in 'Carrot'
L.A Girl ProConceal in 'Toffee'
Hegai & Esther face powder in 'Nutmeg 2'
Sacha buttercup Setting Powder
M.A.C cosmetics face blush in 'Raizin'
Black radiance face blush in 'Spiced ginger'
Zaron Face definer in 'PZ15'
Sonia Kashuk face highlighter


Zaron eye primer
Zaron trio eyeshadow in 'Camp fire'
Zaron felt tip pen eyeliner
Zaron gel eyeliner in 'Jazz'
Zaron volumizing mascara


Zaron lipstick pen in 'Muse'
Zaron lipliner in 'Vivid'
Zaron ultrashine lipgloss in 'Read my lips'

Have a good night....sleep like a baby..


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  1. beautiful. I need to learn this make ups for my personal use. will you teach me at an affordable rate?

  2. You are a slay mum and your makeup looks are never boring. This is beautiful, ma❤️


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