Friday, 19 May 2017

Show 'n Tell | Luxury Mink Lashes by KinkLash

So on Monday, Kink Lash launched their own brand of  Luxury faux mink lashes & Luxury mink lashes.

Beauty Kink (the online store) is also the brains behind Kink Lash *for the benefit of those who don't already know*. I was sent 3 of their lashes this afternoon, and i couldn't wait to show you guys! I got 'Mummy Yo!' , 'Miss Saucy' , and 'Miss Fab'.

The first time i saw a post about the Kink Lashes on Instagram, the first thing that caught my attention was the pretty and chic. I'm a sucker for nice packaging, and this one here is wonderful. The lashes came in a small box with a ribbon and there were pretty pink and white petals in the box.....they got me big time! *looooool!*.

Kink Lash comes in 13 different styles : Miss Bawsy, Miss Fab, Miss Saucy, Miss thing, Bad 'n Boujee, Baller, Bawse, Girlie O, Hot Sauce, Mama Di Mama, Mummy Yo!, Pepper Dem, and Spice.

Mummy Yo!

Mummy Yo!

Miss Fab

Miss Saucy

The lashes are as light-weight and soft as good quality lashes should be. I can't wait to use them! I quickly had to share with you guys because i couldn't keep them to myself for too long.

Naija brands are vexing!



Faux Mink - N2,000

Luxury Mink - N6,000

(Wholesale price is also available)


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  1. You when I saw these I fell in love with how gorg they looked and that got me worried they might be quite pricey...but that's a good price for such quality lashes (I haven't got any yet but I can tell they would last long).


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